December 30th, 2011
06:46 AM ET

Anti-government protesters rally in Syria

Large-scale anti-government protests and more violence unfolded across Syria Friday, with opposition groups calling on demonstrators to camp out in public squares until President Bashar al-Assad's regime is ousted.

The protests coincide with reports of increased violence against demonstrators by al-Assad's security forces, even as an Arab League fact-finding mission works to determine whether the Syrian government is abiding by a peace agreement to end a brutal crackdown on protesters.

As they have in their nearly 10 months of resistance, Syrian activists and opposition groups used Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to urge thousands to evade al-Assad's forces and defy government-imposed curfews.

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  1. Peacer

    Ahhhhhhhh a nice clean blog to start out with nice! I hope these people find some peace in there lifes soon its starting a new year

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  2. Peacer

    I can always send you the empty can

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