#CNNAfterDark lights up Twitter
January 4th, 2012
08:59 AM ET

#CNNAfterDark lights up Twitter

What happens when news anchors and political pundits get punchy after watching caucus results until the wee hours of the morning?

#CNNAfterDark happens. And the internet takes notice.

The fictional show title was rolled out by Anderson Cooper and other CNN anchors and reporters as things got loopy while they watched Republican election results from Iowa slowly trickle in.

The Twitter hashtag #CNNAfterDark became a “trending topic,” meaning it was one of the most discussed things on the social-media site at that moment. So did #EdithAndCarolyn – a pair of local Republican officials in Iowa who brought sass and style to a pair of phone interviews. (Or was it #CarolynandEdith? It’s all a bit of a blur).

Then there was the Barry White soundtrack. A preoccupied John King strolling through the set, conducting a cellphone call while his microphone was still live. And Cooper providing the “bow chicka bow bow” guitar noises.

“Not that kind of CNN After Dark,” anchor Ali Velshi clarified for him, during coverage that stretched well past 3 a.m.

Twitter-using political junkies (or maybe just insomniacs) got in on the action with tweets like:

@cindylgeorge With the Barry White interlude, #cnnafterdark is officially off the chain & I'm christening @andersoncooper an honorary brutha! #funkysoul

@rekatz 2012 Election tone set when @andersoncooper says "Bawm-chicka-bawm-bawm" live on #cnnafterdark #edithandcarolyn

@greghernandez #CarolynandEdith are going to be an #SNL sketch next weekend. I'm calling it right now. #CNNAfterDark

CNN contributor Roland Martin wrapped it up with a tweet we can all get behind.

@rolandsmartin Folks, @CNN execs really need to capitalize on #cnnafterdark & launch an irreverent, off the rails show. I'll do it! #cnnelections

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