Overheard on CNN.com: George Takei, plus other stuff commenters like
George Takei, best known for his role as Mr. Sulu in "Star Trek," spoke with CNN's Geek Out blog.
January 4th, 2012
06:18 PM ET

Overheard on CNN.com: George Takei, plus other stuff commenters like

Editor's note: This post is part of the Overheard on CNN.com series, a regular feature that examines interesting comments and thought-provoking conversations posted by the community.

"It's true. The original fans called themselves 'Trekkers.' When I was a kid watching the reruns in the late '70s, I thought it was 'trekkie' too, but people kept correcting me. I don't think it's really an insult anymore because we can all call ourselves whatever we want."

CNN wrote up a profile on Mr. Sulu himself, George Takei, for the Geek Out blog. Readers responded with heartfelt anecdotes about the "Star Trek" original series star. We read through some comments from that story and followed here with other things readers liked, as well as a few things that made them go "hmmmmm."

Hooray: George Takei

Maverick: "I met him at a convention near St. Louis once...he was shorter than I imagined, but powerful in presence. He and Nichelle Nichols were the most gracious and accommodating guests I have EVER had the great fortune to meet. He treats everyone with dignity and respect, and never seems to tire speaking to fans, though he's answering the same questions thousands of times. And that voice ... ooh, that voice!"

EarlGrayHot: "He has always seemed like a really nice guy. I read his autobiography and found it quite interesting. I don't see how anyone can diss him. There is nothing creepy about him. Long live George and Sulu!"

Hmmmmm: Rick Santorum's sweater vest

Innkahoots: "His sweater won't make a very good president either." [Editor's note: Ouch!]

Hooray: Nickelback

Goodis A. Judgementcall: "I tell the Nickelback critics around me that I think they're using the wrong ruler for the band. Nickelback is music's equivalent of a summer blockbuster movie. It's not deep, it's not meant to be all thought provoking and meditative. It's fun, aimed at an audience that wants to have their own brand of fun with their music. I mean, Ghostbusters was fun, millions of people loved it, but it wasn't aimed at the same audience as Full Metal Jacket. I love Nickelback, probably always will, because I listen to it when I am in a fun frame of mind, it doesn't pull me down. If more people listen to Chad and the boys than listen to the Black Keys, then so be it. It's not the same genre of music, so Nickelback isn't ruining anything for anyone, maybe more people would rather have fun than listen to a band that's whining about someone else ruining their chance. Work to keep the fans you have, instead of alienating the people who won't ever be your fans anyway."

Hmmmmm: Nickelback

Captain Obvious: "The problem with Nickelback, in addition to their music being 100% unoriginal claptrap, is that it's disingenuous. It's not music, it's a product. It's music execs sitting in a room trying to figure out how to appeal to the broadest possible demographic and sell the most records –- period. Nickelback is so blatantly derivative of other bands, their lyrical content so meat-headed and inane, that it would be impossible for anyone who takes music seriously or has even the broadest knowledge about music history to take them seriously. That is who they cater to – people who listen to music in clubs or sports events, that make no attempt to dig any further. Likewise, if you love comedy and take it seriously, you're not going to listen to Carlos Mencia everyday instead of Richard Pryor. Regardless of whether you like The Black Keys music, they are two hard-working, genuine guys making music that is true to them. I don't care what they sound like, I will ALWAYS value genuine music over streamlined corporate product. The fact that many people seem to take Nickelback seriously is a sad statement about music today."

Hooray: Time travel

Danny C: "I was hoping for some tiny discovery in regard to manipulating time. Think about this. In the last 100 years, we have learned virtually everything we know about 'time.' About 90% of that in the last 20 years. In other words, our understanding of 'time' is growing faster than anything you could name. So here's a question. If man survives long enough, will 'time travel' ever be possible? Think 1,000 years, 5,000 years, 100,000 years? If your answer is yes, it means people from the future have probably been in every period of recorded history. So why haven't we seen them? Maybe we have. Although we thought they were aliens. If time travel is ever discovered, it will be by far the most heavily regulated technology in history, because it will have the potential destructive power of every weapon ever made combined. So why do they pass themselves off as aliens? Because they can look back on history and see that we thought they were aliens, and if they changed that, everything in history could change, including man's existence on Earth. And more than likely, the people who are running 'time travel' would be replaced with different people with different ancestors. So they are motivated to follow the rules to a T."

Hmmmmm: Web browsers

sten2020: "Thing is: I use Chrome all the time. I can't remember when did I open IE the last time... but I still don't want to uninstall whatever comes free with the Windows. That 'e' logo makes my left bottom corner look good still. What if half of the IE users are like me?"

Hooray: Loose-meat sandwiches

Tim: "The loose meat sandwich ... a perfect example of northern life: plain ground hamburger with salt and pepper on a bun! Here in Texas, we slow cook spice-rubbed brisket for 14 hours over hickory, chop it, put it on a bun and serve it with spicy BBQ sauce, onions, jalapenos, etc. The sandwich analogy applies to the difference in the women, also."

Hmmmmm: New Year's resolutions

ChuckCreig: "The only thing worse than talking about what you will do in the new year, is talking about talking about what you will do in the new year. Hey ladies, here's a thought ... just DO something, yeah? Just do it. Don't talk about it. Don't resolve to do it. Don't read a magazine article about it. Don't have a lunch with your girlfriends about it. Don't analyze the process of talking about resolving to do it ... Just DO IT. There ya go."

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    the only parts of STAR TREK I didn't was, THE END.........

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    Well how to heck are you.Say were you put ivf did ya mean inveetro fertilization.Hope not I like the old fashion way myself

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    Personally, I prefer to do the injecting. If you know what I mean.

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    @bobcat IaH thats what Im talking bout thats the old fashion way not that ivf stuff!fun too

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    @ gung hoe

    I agree totally.

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  9. Tcr c2

    @ chuckcreig loved your post so damm right you are i have five sisters and they all do the same damm thing by the time they make a decision to follow through with a new year resolution the new year is already hear again

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    No intelligent life here Jim, beam me up Scotty!

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    No intelligent like here Scotty, Jim Beam me up too!

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    Hey gung goe (are u gung hoe?) & bobcat(iah), I was being tounge-in-cheek w/ the IVF comment! It seems so many people have it done these days, it has practically replaced the Original old fashioned method! I know people still use that method, because it's so much fun, but a lot of babies are actually concieved in a petri dish! Now back to your previously scheduled thread!!

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    Hey Hey, looked I stepped into Blog Comedy Central. On topic I abhor Star Trek anything. I get bored with people that continue to talk about New Year's resolutions and then blah,blah, blah-while smoking a Galoise, chugging down a beer, and continuing to date a loser. Carry on with the funny stuff. IVF, surely you jest.

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