January 6th, 2012
07:40 AM ET

At least 25 killed in Damascus 'terrorist' blast, state news reported

A suicide bomber blew himself up in the Syrian capital on Friday, killing at least 25 people and wounding 46 others, Syrian state media reported.

The incident took place in the al-Midan quarter of Damascus. Casualties included mostly civilians and some law enforcement personnel, the Syrian Arab News Agency said.

The news agency said the "terrorist explosion" went off at a traffic light "in a densely populated area" with heavy traffic. It occurred near Hassan al-Hakeem Basic Education School.

No one has claimed responsibility for the action. It comes a couple of days after the Free Syrian Army, the force of military defectors fighting the Bashar al-Assad regime, vowed to kick off "huge operations" against government targets.

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  1. banasy©


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  2. bobcat (in a hat)©

    The news out of here is getting so old. If I sound cold and crass, oh well. They keep trying to pull world sympathy into this. Arab League, step up and take care of your people.

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  3. Philip

    Ummm, isn't it about time for the UN to send Peacekeeper's to Syria? When this kind of thing happens in countries where we get our diamonds, oil, etc troops are sent-in pronto. Like when African citizens take to the streets protesting the raypeing of their country by foreigners, an alarm bell sounds. "We gotta put them pesky al-quida down" say the authorities and their media mouthpieces. Those folks aren't "al-quida", they are CITIZENS protesting. Desperate citizens with starved children watching their precious natural resources go to the obese nations of the world. Get a clue.

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