January 24th, 2012
07:03 AM ET

Sources: 158 Islamist militants arrested in Nigeria bombings

Nigerian security forces arrested 158 suspected members of the Islamist militant group Boko Haram, security sources told CNN Tuesday, three days after a spate of bombings and shootings left more than 200 people dead in Nigeria's second-largest city.

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  1. Philip

    @Pan-Africa...again. How mant times has Halliburton got caught bribing African leaders. (twice in Nigeria alone...how often and for how long did they get away with it?) And that's just one of the over 150 US corporations doing big business with Africa's resources. Our politicians are in bed with Big Oil (duh) and Big Oil sucks Africa dry. And the US military has been reduced to being hired thugs who enforce our way of conducting business abroad. From since the days when President Eisenhower sent-in the troops to firmly establish his banana plantations in South America to when Bush conqured Iraq to protect Bushco oilfields in Kuwait/and conquered Afghanistan to get Bush/Bin Laden co (Carlyle Group) Caspoab Basin oil through to China. Battaboom.

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  2. Philip

    @Jazzy. True. J apan, just like Germany, has been occupied by the US for decades. And worse, J pans fed runs the show there too. Just as in the EU and US. The fed dictates economies. And yeah, it was J apan, Iraq's OPEC contract customer that Kuwait was illegally selling Bushco oil to. (Yes, when George HW Bush was just director of the CIA, the Bush-Zapata corp. developed Kuwaits oilfields and came to own mineral rights) The Iraqi people complained for nearly two years to the United Nations. They complained to the president of kuwait, who was also the president of OPEC. but to no avail. It is our own government "intrin

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  3. Philip

    ...the men running the US gov ARE "intrinsically" linked with their own corporations. Corporate Fascist Regime. Try describing what America has become in fewer and more meaningful words than "CORPORATE FASCIST REGIME". can't be done.

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  4. Philip

    *Caspian Sea Basin, rather @ 5:08. Home to more than half of the world's proven energy reserves, now owned by the Bush/Bin Laden corporation aka 'Carlyle Group' and sold to China via Afghan pipelines policed by US troops.

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  5. Jazzy

    @ Philip, The EU and US are most definitely tops dogs in the BIS and OIL sandbox, so to speak. Very conveinant that the Prez of Kuwait is was the Prez of OPEC at the time isn't? OPEC's new Prez of OPEC also has a nice view of the Caspian Sea Basin along with Iraq.

    US gov ARE "intrinsically" linked with their own corporations.

    Such as the

    BIS, EU, and the US perhaps ?

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  6. Jazzy

    Very conveinant that the Prez of Kuwait is was the Prez of OPEC at the time isn't?

    Pardon me. Shoulda read like this

    Very convenant that the Prez of Kuwait was the Prez of OPEC at the time isn't it?

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