U.S. combat role in Afghanistan done next year, Panetta says
Afghan National Army soldiers at their graduation ceremony in Kabul.
February 1st, 2012
04:03 PM ET

U.S. combat role in Afghanistan done next year, Panetta says

The United States and NATO will end their combat mission in Afghanistan next year, transitioning to a training role in which Afghan security forces will take the lead, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta told reporters Wednesday.

"Hopefully, by mid to the latter part of 2013, we'll be able to make a transition from a combat role to a training, advise and assist role," Panetta told reporters traveling with him to Brussels and confirmed to CNN by a defense official.

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  1. Pete/Ark


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  2. Pete/Ark

    seems we're the only ones who care...btw you're right but I'll take it as a fair deal that might keep my daughter and son-in-law from another deployment.

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  3. bobcat (in a hat)©

    I hope for their sake it keeps them home too. We've lost enough already. And my thanks to them for taking on this sacrifice for us.

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  4. leeintulsa

    hey, gimme a minute – i just got here..

    of course i care.

    ending afghanistan? not a moment too soon.

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  5. Philip

    So the "combat mission" will end next year. That only gives them another year or so to wipe-out what's left of those faithful to Allah/Koran...those who repel the invaders rather than taking sides with them. Of course, if it get's right-down to the nutcutting, I'm sure that God's little helpers Israeli MOSSAD would be more than happy to help rid Afghanistan of the last few remaining faithful muslims. They did it for Gadhafi in Libya. And he wasn't even sympatheitic to jews. (Youtube 'mossad recruits 50 thousand libya' for documentation of the mossad and an Israeli arms maker helping Gadhafi slaughter innocents)

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  6. Buscho Oil

    The Bush and Bin Laden families Carlyle Group would cordially like to thank US troops working and dying in Afghanistan. Without your help, the Group's Caspian Basin oil and natural gas would be just about worthless. But with those pesky Taliban out of the way and an American citizen ruling Afghanistan, the Group"s oil flows through to China. Wtg fellas. Stick around/reenlist...Iran is still in the way, and your country needs you. God bless.

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  7. Mary

    One of the most dam ning pieces of evidence is the fact that Bush Sr. and the Head of the Bin Laden family were at the same Carlyle Group meeting just a few blocks away from where the high-jackers attacked the Pentagon on 911.
    That's FACT not conspiracy. Now tell me that's NOT an 'inside job"

    This is on topic
    I would like my freedom of speech protected please

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  8. banasy ©

    Bring them home.
    The sooner, the better.
    I am tired of our troops dying for the cause of wealthy greed.

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  9. Mary

    @ bobcat (in a hat)©, Youtube (9/11 Coincidences) and look at (14/19)

    I would like my freedom of speech protected please

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  10. pmk1953

    Next war, let's send the polititions and the rich people and all their families.

    February 1, 2012 at 7:12 pm | Report abuse |
  11. alperyldz

    Reblogged this on Welcome!!! and commented:
    It's really hard to believe in this!!!

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  12. Portland tony

    At last At last........Sanity! Of course the Russians could have told us why we could never ever defeat or dominate in Afghanistan!

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  13. Mr. Your comment is awaiting moderation


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  14. Mr. Your comment is awaiting moderation

    Moderate this: Thanks to the Department of Justice, all we have to do in order to convict that OLDER MAN........( caught humping on a younger man under the age of 18)....... of STATUTORY RAYPE, is to prove to the jury the older man is hom o se xual. Now all we gotta do is convince the Supreme Court that a persons se xual orientation is admissable evidence. Currently, we are not allowed to consider a persons se x ual orientation when making decisions like this, and so we just charge gay men, who get caught, with pedophilia or child abuse.. The SC considers it a violation of a persons rights, under the guise "se xual descrimination". Not for much longer though. Watch.

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  15. Mr. Your comment is awaiting moderation

    Thanks to The Department of Justice, all one must do in order to bring statutory raype charges against him, is to prove that he's gay. But the Supreme Court calls this proof of motive "se xual descrimination"...a violation of a gay mans civil liberties. Let's see how this plays out in the near future.

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