February 3rd, 2012
03:16 AM ET

Leader of Khmer Rouge torture prison gets life sentence

Cambodia's war crimes court Friday rejected the appeal a man who ran a Khmer Rouge regime torture prison and instead increased the man's sentence to life imprisonment.

Kaing Guek Eav, commonly known by his alias, Duch, was appealing his 2010 conviction and 35-year sentence arguing that he was just following orders of senior leaders of the Khmer Rouge regime.

Duch was 67 at the time of his convictions, which was for war crimes, crimes against humanity, murder and torture. He was was the head of the S-21 prison where about 14,000 people died. Few people taken to the prison made it out alive; only about a dozen were found by the Vietnamese, who invaded Cambodia in 1979.


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  1. Mr. Your comment is awaiting moderation

    @CNN. We are more interested in how many American Citizens who know all about the BRIDAS CORPORATION are currently imprisoned in one of our 160 Homeland Security prisons, and how many Bridas employees are being held at GITMO who whow all about what the BUSH ADMINISTRATION did to sieze control of the Trans Afghan Pipeline Infrastructure. (Bridas v Unocal, US Dist. court, Southern District of Texas, Sep. 9, 2002, upheld Bridas. And denial of Writ of certiorari at the US Supreme Court case 03-1018, Ternenneft v Bridas)

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  2. Mr. Your comment is awaiting moderation

    @CNN...Also of more interest is the federal gag order placed on Sibel D. Edmonds. Let her speak the names of the men her FBI investigation found drug trafficking, money laundering, and financing 9/11. Demand President Obama lifts this gag order. Thank you.

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  3. Mr. Your comment is awaiting moderation

    "The high office of the President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the American's freedom and before I leave office I MUST inform the citizens of this plight." -John F. Kennedy, speaking at Columbia University, 10 days prior to his being murdered. (@CNN...You MUST inform US of the above Bridas corp. info)

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  4. Philip

    @CNN...is there a cub reporter among you ready for his/her first dose of reality? I included the case number above in hopes that one might actually investigate my posts and see what happens when the editor reads what was found.

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  5. Scottish Mama

    I still believe John Ashcroft needs to retire and why was my posts taken off?

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  6. banasy©

    Happening to all of us, Mama.
    I agree with you, also.

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  7. Mary

    Yep, I posted this morning (deleted) and again this after noon (deleted) thanks guys 😉

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