February 16th, 2012
03:42 PM ET

'We'll die for our country, it doesn't matter,' Syrian activist says

Editor's note: With the Syrian city of Homs under siege, CNN interviewed an opposition activist using the pseudonym of "Danny" to find out more about what was happening on the ground. Danny, whose real name CNN is protecting, escaped the slaughter.

CNN traveled to an undisclosed location recently to interview activist Danny. For his safety, we are not disclosing where that was, and Danny has since moved.

Before leaving Homs, Danny shared his stories with CNN and posted videos on YouTube purporting to show the violence in Syria. CNN cannot verify these videos independently, but they appear to show a desperate situation. CNN's Nick Paton Walsh caught up with Danny to ask him about what's going on in Syria, what scenes keep him up at night and what he hopes will happen.

There are many things Danny wants the world to know about what he and others in the Syrian city of Homs have gone through. But mostly, he wants people to know it has gotten so bad, and so many people have died that it has become the norm in that town.

"What people have to see is the children getting killed. Not just the children, but when someone dies and the relatives get used to it," Danny says.

"One of my friends, his father got killed two weeks ago. I hugged him and he cried a little bit, but he kept going for like an hour, an hour and a half, going, coming, he was asking for a pen. So I caught him and I said, 'Why do you want a pen?'

 "He said he wanted to write on my Dad's body, on the sheets, his name so I don't lose it between the bodies.

"People are getting used to that kind of bodies in the street."

The scenes that have played out before him can keep Danny up all night. There are situations and people whom he remembers vividly.

"I've seen lots. You would not imagine. If I would go on about what I've seen, it would take me hours.

"What about the kid we picked up who's got no jaw left and he's still alive? What about the kid that's lost his two legs, and he's still alive? What about the kid who's lost his arms? My friend who's paralyzed now?  My friend who's lost his arm? My friend who lost an eyeball? My friend who got hit by a (sniper's bullet) that went in his mouth and went out ... (who) lost his teeth?

"These are all people who are scarred for life. I would rather get killed than be scarred like that.

"That's what people are scared about now - not dying. We'll die for our country. It doesn't matter.

"But that's different to losing a piece of your body."

Danny has been an outspoken advocate since the breakout in violence. And he has made strong pleas to President Barack Obama to help Syrians.

"I would beg him to help us. Military forces, or weapons, or by a 'no-fly' zone. We want help. We can't stay like this - Bashar al-Assad will kill millions. He has no problem.

"This can't be solved peacefully. We're asking anyone for any kind of help.

"Even if the Israelis come in. One of my friends said he wants Satan to come in his place, it's much better."

CNN asked Danny if he was concerned radicals could hijack his movement if the conflict dragged on.

"Listen, this revolution is for the Syrian people. It's not for the Muslim Brothers, it's not for anybody. It's for everybody. Kurds, Muslims, Christians, Sunnis - it's for everybody. This revolution is for the Syrian people. We started it; we will end it.

"People are saying it is an Islamic movement in Syria - it's all Muslims and Salafi, and we have got al Qaeda and Taliban. No, it's not. It's all guys like me - 22, 18, 17 years old - going out on demonstrations."

Danny said he believes history will show China and Russia share in the responsibility for deaths in Syria after their Security Council veto of a U.N. resolution condemning violence in the country.

"It's a crime against humanity. ... Russia and China will be dealing with that. They have Syrian blood on their hands. This is all their fault.

"The last time the U.N. did nothing they gave the green light to Bashar al-Assad to kill more.

"It was the first time that he used rocket launchers - after the U.N.

"He felt safe. They gave him the OK.

"They think our blood is just like water. They want to trade our blood with something."

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    So, according to this one (VERY WELL PAID) guy...its completely ok to go destroy otherwise content non-marxist, socialist countries (Iraq, Kuwait, Fillujah, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iran, etc, etc), and pretend to install "domocracy", while in fact, all you're actually doing is slaying peaceful unarmed civilians, taking control of said countries Central Bank, and adding it to the melting pot of our "GLOBAL ECONOMY" (Im not saying NWO or anything), and enabling Israel (via its Zionist government under AIPAC) control, to expand its boundaries to overtake the lands thereof - as theyve already made clear this was their intention since OPEC via Kissinger under the Carter administration. -Just a hunch- *shrug* :D.....we are not stupid. We will not forgive. We will not forget. EXPECT THAT. <

    February 16, 2012 at 10:24 pm | Report abuse |
  2. Elmer

    By Vetoing the UN Resoulution, China and Russia Gave Assad the License to kill his people.. the blood of the syrian people are in their hands..

    February 16, 2012 at 11:32 pm | Report abuse |

      Elmer, Al-Assas IS NOT killing us!!! Stop saying that in which you do not know! Come see, or go to a real Syrian website, or Syrian facebook page and ASK THEM (not one the Israelis pretend is us)....we will ASLL tell you – what you see is fake and funded by the U.S. to fake an excuse to come here and kill us......like Libya....

      February 17, 2012 at 12:32 am | Report abuse |
  3. BOMBO ©

    Amazing to see the propaganda commenters, pretending to be Syrians, saying everything is just fine, when we see actual video proving otherwise. Don't be fooled folks. You may believe it is counter-productive to intervene directly (like me) but don't shrug it off and say it's all fake. It is clearly not.

    February 17, 2012 at 1:01 am | Report abuse |
  4. Badee NYC

    can you be shut up and stop saying syrian love the killer al asaad he is killer like his father and his uncle and his brother too,, soon he syria `ll be free from all al baath system .
    you are ALIAR

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