March 6th, 2012
06:19 AM ET

Seven killed in Pakistan

Seven alleged militants were killed and nine arrested during a clash with security forces in Pakistan's southwest province of Balochistan, Murtaza Baig a spokesman for the security forces said.

The suspected militants were killed when troops retaliated after an attack on their convoy in the area, Baig said.

Authorities also recovered a "huge cache" of weapons, Baig said.


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  1. ♔Mmmmm♕

    wonder where this huge cache of weapons came from?

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  2. ♔Mmmmm♕

    lol...beebeepee...i might use that in the future as user name...

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  3. banasy©

    As long as you keep the crowns...

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  4. chinadronestibet


    China has announced the latest response to Tibetan resistance- declared legal under the laws set forth of nation state security- per Rueters – the new Tibetan Drone prrogram – Sign YOUR COUNTRY up today – bargain basement prices.

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