March 9th, 2012
09:44 PM ET

Gotta Watch: Best videos of the week

Some of this week’s top stories showcase the beauty of expectant mothers as well as the power of mother nature. A solar flare spat a massive blast of radiation and electromagnetic waves toward Earth. Solar flares can spark power grid outages, knock out high frequency radio broadcasts and throw your GPS out of whack.


Solar storm heads for Earth

These spectacular pictures of a solar flare captivated scientists here on Earth. A NASA astrophysicist and CNN meteorologists Jacqui Jeras and Rob Marciano help explain what solar flares are and how they impact us.


Teen loses driver's license forever

A Rhode Island teen survived crashing his car into a tree, but he’ll never be allowed to drive again. A judge banned the teen from ever getting his driver’s license back. Judge William Guglietta hopes the harsh decision sparks a change in the attitudes toward teen driving.


Helicopter crash caught on tape

A retired military chopper crashes while filming a chase in the Korean version of the TV show “Top Gear.” No one was hurt. The pilot says the aircraft’s tough exterior saved him.


Tornado's power seen from basement

Kevin Adkins and his family could do nothing but watch as a tornado moved in on their home. They were able to capture up-close the power of the twister that tore apart West Liberty, Kentucky.


Jessica Simpson bares all for Elle

Jessica Simpson is the latest celebrity to celebrate an upcoming birth by baring most of it. CNN’s Erin Burnett takes a look back some of the others, including Demi Moore’s famous cover.

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