March 19th, 2012
07:51 AM ET

Monday's live events

The race to the Republican presidential nomination heads to Illinois, where 69 delegates are at stake.  Watch Live Tuesday for results and reactions from the Illinois primary.

Today's programming highlights...

10:00 am ET - Santorum rally - GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum holds a series of rallies in Illinois today, beginning with a morning event in Rockford.  He'll also visit Dixon at 1:15 pm ET, Moline at 4:00 pm ET and Peoria at 8:30 pm ET.

12:30 pm ET - White House briefing - Spending and the situation in Afghanistan will likely top Jay Carney's agenda with the White House press corps.

1:15 pm ET - Romney talks economy - Like Santorum, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney is spending his day in Illinois as well.  Romney will deliver a speech on economic freedom in Chicago.

3:00 pm ET - Traumatic brain injuries - The recent shooting incident in Afghanistan is bringing the issue of traumatic brain injuries into the spotlight.  A House commerce subcommittee looks to efforts to prevent and treat such injuries and the disabilities they cause. Live is your home for breaking news as it happens.


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  1. BOMBO ©

    Another fun thing to do at an airport, just before you go through security, look like you just remembered something important, reach into you pocket, scream "I'VE GOT A BALM!!", and pull out a lotion bottle. Good times.

    March 19, 2012 at 2:30 pm | Report abuse |
    • banasy©

      Thus ensuring a full body cavity search and a guaranteed delay to your destination, lol.

      March 19, 2012 at 2:53 pm | Report abuse |
  2. dazzle ©

    @sofa king, I don't know about Thelma Lou, but if you think you are hot, just add hot to your screen name. Bada bing, someone figured out your user name!!

    March 19, 2012 at 2:51 pm | Report abuse |
  3. Superman

    @@@ah! Pete that was my idea earlier but i was tore up from others but it ok my choice of words get tangled up sometimes! Once again im sorry to every one!

    March 19, 2012 at 3:01 pm | Report abuse |
  4. banasy©

    Bobcat was referring to his trip home, and not in any way, shape, or form to the poor man that is the topic of this thread.
    As you have been away on a trip yourself, you may not have known that.

    March 19, 2012 at 3:12 pm | Report abuse |
  5. chrissy

    @ superman, no one tore you up. As for the other thread, you tore into @ ??? When all he did was defend what i had posted.

    March 19, 2012 at 3:44 pm | Report abuse |
  6. Superman

    @@@all war historians im trying really hard to remember when the first time we landed our men on tripoli , if i remember it was sometime before ww1 and many years before that i could be wrong. All i have is this dummy (smart)phone but i cant get through ,HELP!

    March 19, 2012 at 4:32 pm | Report abuse |
    • banasy©

      The Marines first landed in Tripoli in 1805.

      March 19, 2012 at 4:38 pm | Report abuse |
  7. Superman

    @bombo........all i was asking if i remember correctly last night was were you were that was it, i wasnt talking any thing bad. Just that i came out to my kids about being gay thats all. But like i said its all forgiven so its cool. I just came down from Mt whitney yesterday highest point in lower 48 so i was a bit tired but im still good with everything you know like i say sometimes its all by gones .

    March 19, 2012 at 4:42 pm | Report abuse |
    • BOMBO ©

      Hm? I ususally don't go on weekends. I usually just come on when I'm bored at work, weekdays and sometimes evenings when the kids are in bed. I don't remember you saying anything, so, don't worry.

      March 20, 2012 at 12:16 am | Report abuse |
  8. Superman

    @@@ banasy right on man that was killer! Thats how far back and further that i thank all of those that fight your great! I thought it was in the late 1700s but i would of been off by about 20yrs or so thank you.

    March 19, 2012 at 4:45 pm | Report abuse |
    • banasy©

      You're welcome, dear.
      The war started earlier, but the US sent the marines over in 1805...we have been helping other countries almost since the beginning of *our* Nation.

      March 19, 2012 at 4:48 pm | Report abuse |
  9. Superman

    @@@banasy so that was our 1st engagemant over seas right?

    March 19, 2012 at 4:47 pm | Report abuse |
    • banasy©

      Well, for the Marines, anyway, I believe, Superman.

      March 19, 2012 at 4:49 pm | Report abuse |
  10. dazzle ©

    @superman, no need to apologize for anything your troll may have said. My eldest brother served in Viet Nam and he never came back. The family has never received confirmation of his death. My late parents passed on and didn't have closure on whether their son was dead or alive. I still hold a glimmer of hope that he may still be alive and out in the world somewhere. A friend of mine who is in the Senate encouraged my siblings and me to have DNA testings which we did. The only one that really matters is the male Dna portion. War is hell and our hope is that the soldiers just get home and this govt better find the resouces needed to get them the help they will need. There is going to be an enormous need for them, especially those that will be diagnosed with PTSD. They will have to match 6 criteria of DSMIV.

    March 19, 2012 at 5:04 pm | Report abuse |
  11. Superman

    @@@dazzlec not knowing must be difficult a have a neighbor whos son went to vietnam and he never was found or anything returned so i can see the anguish on many of faces across this great nation, just from my neighbor all i can do is try to understand who it feels , but we to feel the pain of the pows or mias its a herendous loss to everyone in the USA. But i still fall so short of words to say in such situations.

    March 19, 2012 at 5:44 pm | Report abuse |
  12. Superman

    @@@dazzle......................... The government should of had the programes in place not long after vietnam, just seeing two of my grandfathers omployees return from vietnam and knowing that something was wrong but a lot was right, was noticable even to me being in jr high and all that .but yes dazzle your right they had better step up and help our return soldiers. They deserve the support of ALL the programs that are available to them and 10 fold

    March 19, 2012 at 5:50 pm | Report abuse |
  13. Superman

    To all other bloggers this is original SUPERMAN ,,,,,,,,,,,original superman has a heart unlike the kryptonite troll im for reall

    March 19, 2012 at 5:52 pm | Report abuse |
    • dazzle ©

      @superman, you do have a heart of gold, even better than kryptonite. Than you for your kindness.

      March 19, 2012 at 8:32 pm | Report abuse |
  14. Superman

    @@@banasy think you for the beta its helpfull these smart phones are not to smart after all!but thank you

    March 19, 2012 at 5:54 pm | Report abuse |
  15. dazzle ©

    That should read thank you.

    March 19, 2012 at 8:34 pm | Report abuse |
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