March 21st, 2012
10:11 AM ET

Syria hammers packed Homs refuge

Syria's security forces relentlessly pounded the Homs neighborhood of Khaldiya on Wednesday - a densely populated refuge for people who've fled other besieged districts in the devastated city, activists said.

Activist Abu Abdallah said the Khaldiya situation is different and more dangerous because of the bulging displaced population from Karm al Zaytoun, Bab Sbaa, Jib Jandali, and Baba Amr.

Activists said residents heard artillery, mortars, and bombings Tuesday and Wednesday. Dwellings there have been burned and destroyed and there have been deaths and injuries. One man was killed by sniper fire, activists said.

At least 25 civilians, including four children and two women, have died and more than 150 have been injured during regime shelling in the neighborhood, the opposition Local Coordination Committees of Syria said Wednesday.

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  1. banasy©


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    • revnowwhilewecan

      banasy- Wassup homeguuurl??

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  2. revnowwhilewecan

    Very tragic indeed. I try not to have tunnel vision and look with no perceived agenda. I do have a question tho. If MSM reports claim to bring us news without a biased agenda, why do I only read posts about this regimes killing of innocents? Is it because the rebels have only killed al-Assad supporters? There are never any innocent by-standers that get killed by these people? There are no women or non-military people that support Assad? There are no peaceful people in Syria that support Assad and have been killed because of it? Western news sources have an obvious agenda to oust Assad. That's fine but please, just come out and say it instead of just the one sided reporting that paints Assad as a dictator in a bunker surrounded by tanks trying to kill everyone that isn't in line with this secular regime.

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  3. revnowwhilewecan

    Why not report on SyrianGirl who lives in Syria and makes videos almost daily, reporting on the happenings in HER country and is VIRAL throughout the internet? We get it. Al-Assad is the bogeyman. Let's here from some people in THEIR country and hear what THEY have to say. And I don't mean Danny either.

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  4. Uttam

    CNN Turning To Andrew Breitbart And Into Fox News! They're starting out like Fox did; with a token Democrat in the line up, odwhsravoeed by over-powering conservatives.

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