March 24th, 2012
06:20 AM ET

Military defectors unite under Free Syrian Army

A top defector from the Syrian military is urging armed rebel groups to align and follow the leadership of the Free Syrian Army.

Uniting all efforts will strengthen the anti-government movement and safeguard the nation, Brig. Gen. Mustafa Sheikh said in a video posted on YouTube on Saturday.

Sheikh was the first brigadier general to announce his defection from President Bashar al-Assad's forces. He was accompanied in the video by Free Syrian Army commander Col. Riad al-Assad.

The move addressed a key concern for observers of the Syrian crisis both inside and outside the country - that armed rebel groups were disjointed and divided.

"The division is over. All the parties involved in the revolution carried out all the efforts to form one united front to better represent and defend the Syrian people," Free Syrian Army Lt. Riad Ahmed said. "In the past, there were some minor technical disagreements, but this is all behind us from now on."

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