Gotta Watch: Narrowly escaping with their lives
A school bus was lodged in a building in Henryville, Indiana after being tossed by a tornado earlier this month.
March 31st, 2012
10:45 AM ET

Gotta Watch: Narrowly escaping with their lives

We've recently received lots of videos of narrow misses and people barely avoiding catastrophes. They faced everything from natural disasters to auto accidents, but these lucky people managed to get away without serious injuries. You’ve Gotta Watch these great escapes.

Tornado throws bus

Here’s dramatic new video and audio recordings of the moment that an EF4 twister hit Henryville, Indiana. A bus driver carrying a busload of children must decide what to do to save them when she sees the tornado touch down. Her quick thinking gets the kids off the bus before it’s thrown into a restaurant. Watch the shocking surveillance video from inside the bus.

Fireman: Roof under him 'just dropped'

Three firefighters in Michigan were fighting a fire at a dry cleaning business when the roof collapsed underneath them. They go from ventilating the roof to diving for safety in a scene that looks like it’s right out of a movie.They say the didn't realize just how scary situation was until they saw the video.

Car swerves toward biker

This video out of Texas shows a motorcyclist barely avoiding a car that is spinning out of control. We debated about how many inches this biker was from the sedan. Watch and decide for yourself.

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