This Week's Top Videos
April 6th, 2012
08:53 PM ET

This Week's Top Videos

Editor's Note: This post is a recap of the top five videos on from the past week. So in case you didn't catch our best videos during the week, here is your chance to see what you missed.

This week's top video gained the attention of more than a million viewers and featured chilling footage of the Texas tornadoes tossing tractor-trailers into the air. The second most watched video on this week was the tragic firsthand account of the Oakland university shooting, followed by video examining Nadya Suleman's welfare application, the crash of an F-18 jet into a Virginia apartment complex and finally the timeline of the Trayvon Martin shooting.


Big rigs sucked into storm

Watch the chilling video of a powerful tornado throwing tractor-trailers hundreds of feet into the air as if they were toy trucks.


Shooting chaos captured on cell phone

A witness describes being caught in the crossfire of the Oikos University shooting where a gunman killed seven people. Watch cell phone video showing the hectic scene during the attack.


Nadya Suleman admits being on welfare

Many people were outraged to learn that "Octomom" Nadya Suleman was receiving food stamps to take care of her children. Listen to both sides of the story and decide where you stand on the issue.


Witness: Jet crash a 'horrific sight'

A witness describes what he saw when a Navy F-18 jet crashed into an apartment building in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Watch the video to see the first images of the incident.


Trayvon Martin's last minutes

Hear the complete timeline of the Trayvon Martin shooting, based on 911 calls. Listen to the recordings that offer insight into Trayvon Martin's last moments and clarify George Zimmerman's final words on the night of the shooting.

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