From beauty pageants to college sports, transgender people break barriers
Jenna Talackova, right, and her lawyer Gloria Allred want the Miss Universe pageant to drop its "naturally born" clause.
April 14th, 2012
10:06 AM ET

From beauty pageants to college sports, transgender people break barriers

Jenna Talackova was born a man. She began the process of becoming a woman at age 14 with hormone treatments and then had surgery at the age of 19.

“I have always dreamed of being in the Miss Universe competition and having an opportunity to represent my country, Canada,” said the 23-year-old beauty contestant.  “I was told by representatives of the Miss Universe Canada Pageant that I could not compete because a rule stated that I had to be a naturally born woman,” she said.

The Miss Universe Pageant is owned by Donald Trump who, after much attention, changed his mind and said Talackova could compete. But, Talackova’s attorney Gloria Allred says, she and her client want the “naturally born” rule eliminated.

There are some pageants specifically for transgender women and transvestites, but Talackova wants to compete in mainstream pageants. Allred said allowing Talackova to compete but not changing the “naturally born” rule doesn't address the problem.

That rule has already been dropped from most sports from high school to the Olympics. Transgender people can compete in high school, college, the Olympics and the LPGA. The NCAA amended its transgender policy just last year.

“We met with several of our committees that deal with some of these issues and the main policy issues had to do with mixed team status and had to do with the use of banned substances - testosterone,” said Mary Wilfer, associate director of health and safety at the NCAA.

She said that after a year of testosterone suppression medication, a male becoming a female will lose a sufficient amount of male muscle-building strengths and other benefits of testosterone and therefore has no unfair advantage over other naturally born females when it comes to athletic competitions.

Nancy Hogshead-Makar is the senior director of advocacy for the Women’s Sports Foundation. The WSF was part of a group that helped form the transgender policies for the high school and college level.

“In high school it’s about gender identification. Whatever somebody says they are is what they get to participate in,” said Hogshead-Makar. The WSF took its policy for the NCAA from the International Olympic Committee’s policy that mandates that transgender women must be at least two years post-gender reassignment surgery in order to compete.

Another group that helped shape the NCAA’s policy is the National Center for Lesbian Rights. Shannon Minter, a transgender man, said it’s true that just because a woman was once a man, it does not make her a better or stronger athlete.

“There’s lots of women actually, transgender women now, who are competing in women’s sports. And you know, I will say that none of them are at the top of their field,” Minter said.

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  1. ♚Mmmmm♛

    not true William...had this argument in the 7th grade and a dumb school administrator couldn't understand it either...jenna talackova IS A MAN and he turned the miss universe pagent into a DRAGQUEEN SHOW OF THE UNIVERSE...per surname he is one taCKY-lack-OF-A-CovER-a women. gender isn't defined by outer appearance...believe it or not gender is another GOD thing...he is the ONE to make male and female...our first parents only named these creations. Second, science amen the gender creation with the discovery that that declaration of gender by GOD is stamped and declared at the molecular level in every cell by the person'a jenna talackova is an abomination and his appearance is trully deadly...for unsuspecting men will be seduce by his plastic surgery lie into a real sinful life of h0 m0ne 6xua lity...jenna is a man attracted to men...

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    🙂 i'm a sweet jerk.. i might not have the most popular view on a subject but atleast i use my same name...

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  3. Joey Isotta-Fraschini ©™

    ON TOPIC COMMENT (unrelated to trolls):
    Boy, what wonderful things are happening in (some of) the world regarding gender!
    I am very grateful that I have lived long enough to see this progress.

    April 14, 2012 at 11:17 am | Report abuse |
    • ♚Mmmmm♛

      you devil's many abominations will you wrap around the wedding bands...fornication, adultery, and h0 m0ne 6xua litee...?!?!?!

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    sometimes you have to put dashes or something in certain words..

    like fa-rt or weine-r chopper

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  5. kim

    Oh well what's the point of beauty contest anyway to prove what is the point of even being a women it seems everything else is doing a better job at it these days anyway. What's the point

    April 14, 2012 at 11:23 am | Report abuse |
    • RUFFNUTT (( dank smoking , beer drinking trailer trash from belton missouri ))

      Jenna Talackova just proves a man can do anything better than a women... 😛

      April 14, 2012 at 11:34 am | Report abuse |
  6. RUFFNUTT (( dank smoking , beer drinking trailer trash from belton missouri ))

    i wish i had Jenna Talackova's ding-dong that got choped off.. i'd shove it down your throat...
    Jenna Talackova was born a man
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  7. Mary

    @ RUFFIE, LMAO to your 11:21

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  8. CenTexan©

    Morning Banasy! Some people are just rude. Maybe if we ignore their childish post's they'll go back to playing with their toys.

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    • Hawk in Texas

      Jenna can't play with her toy, they cut it off.

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  9. banasy©

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  10. RUFFNUTT (( dank smoking , beer drinking trailer trash from belton missouri ))

    im 6'2" and 200 lbs.. that's not overweight..

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  12. Mary

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    Great conversation going on...

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  15. chrissy

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