April 14th, 2012
09:53 AM ET

Gotta Watch: Cory Booker, Newark's 'super' mayor

This week, Newark, New Jersey, Mayor Cory Booker rushed into a burning building to rescue a neighbor.  That wasn't the first time Booker has gone above and beyond the standard mayoral duties for his constituents.  You Gotta Watch Brick City's leader at work.

Mayor Cory Booker's 'superhero' moment

Booker and members of his security detail talk to CNN's Mary Snow about how they helped save Booker's neighbor from a burning building.

2011: Mayor Booker's door-to-door warning

When Hurricane Irene swept up the East Coast last fall, Mayor Booker didn't stick to giving televised updates from a command center. He went door to door to warn residents to leave. Here, he tells CNN why he hit the streets along with emergency workers.

2010: Newark mayor digs out

He even uses Twitter for more than mere communication. During a 2010 snowstorm, he took pleas for help and dispatched crews to dig out snowed in Newarkers. Of course, he didn't stay in an office; he picked up a shovel and started digging.

2009: Changing 'Brick City'

Booker has done all of this while trying to turn around a very troubled city. In 2009, he allowed in cameras to follow him and see what Newark residents were doing to change their city. He and director Forest Whittaker talked to CNN about the documentary "Brick City."

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    WHY DO THEY CALL IT THE BRICK CITY? cause of bricks of weed?

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  2. Name*s kel

    Ruffie how u been friend? Yes its called that from what u said and the number of bodies under the bricks.

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  4. Name*s kel

    Brave Mayor

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