May 4th, 2012
03:14 AM ET

Junior Seau's funeral plans to be announced

Funeral arrangements may be announced Friday for Junior Seau, a day after authorities said that the football icon committed suicide.

The San Diego County medical examiner's office Thursday classified the death of the former NFL linebacker as a suicide, but the finding will probably do little to answer questions swirling since he was found with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest.

Toxicology results and the narrative that could reveal contributing factors in the death could take weeks or longer to complete, said Sarah Gordon of the medical examiner's office.

Since news broke that Seau was found Wednesday in his Oceanside, California, home with a gunshot wound to the chest, there has been speculation about whether repeated hits to his head over his 20-year pro career could be a contributing factor.


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  1. banasy©

    Had a toxicology report for my son's suicide.
    Wasn't a gunshot wound to the chest, but labeled a suicide.
    Get it?
    Nope, and probably never will.

    I know about these things.
    Get it?
    Nope, and probably never probably will.

    Get it?
    Nope, and probably never will.

    May 4, 2012 at 10:48 am | Report abuse |
  2. the shoe fits

    Or it would never have been worn.

    May 4, 2012 at 11:29 am | Report abuse |
  3. the shoe fits

    Death by prozac.

    May 4, 2012 at 11:31 am | Report abuse |
  4. banasy©

    He was taking prozac?
    Toxicology isn't back yet.

    May 4, 2012 at 11:33 am | Report abuse |
  5. Dys

    @11:33. LMAO. You look like OJ pretending the glove couldn't possibly fit, only todays illustration is 'shoe'.

    May 4, 2012 at 12:01 pm | Report abuse |
  6. banasy©

    Junior's family had him of Prozac and Ritalin?
    And the tox report isn't in yet.

    May 4, 2012 at 12:04 pm | Report abuse |
  7. Dys

    All of US WERE DISSED when Dr. Jonathan Drummond-Webb's death was labeled as 'suicide' long before any toxology report. (read about Dr. Webb above if you are unfamiliar with how the greatest childrens heart surgeon of all time met-up with an untimely death) And Dr. Webb and his wife made little angels, not little monsters like me, btw.
    You ladies have yourselves a nice life. Goodbye. 🙁

    May 4, 2012 at 12:08 pm | Report abuse |
  8. @12:04

    Now you look like one of Cideralla's stepsisters pretending.
    Anyway. Peace and Out.
    Agape', Philip.

    May 4, 2012 at 12:13 pm | Report abuse |
  9. banasy©

    As always, assuming, assuming, assuming.
    One can always hope you keep you word THIS time.
    Don't foist YOUR failings on others by trying to paint them in the same light YOU bask in.
    A supremely unattractive quality, and specious one at that.

    Peace out, yourself.

    May 4, 2012 at 12:58 pm | Report abuse |
  10. :)

    Luv u 2

    May 4, 2012 at 1:00 pm | Report abuse |
  11. >:(


    May 4, 2012 at 1:28 pm | Report abuse |
  12. Sponge Bob

    He was murdered and was the 8th player from that superbowl in 95 to die

    May 5, 2012 at 10:56 am | Report abuse |
  13. jojochewy21

    i think its terrible.....and all of u who r saying nasty things...i have one question......i guess u never did anything wrong in ur life...and thats not saying junior did! but u all act like u r saints..ha i think not! ! karma baby !!!!! u talk like that about watch my own back!

    May 6, 2012 at 3:52 pm | Report abuse |
  14. jojochewy21

    R.I.P. Junior Seau ! GOD bless his family and friends and Megan!""

    May 6, 2012 at 3:58 pm | Report abuse |
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