May 5th, 2012
03:29 PM ET

Rebels burn Timbuktu tomb listed as U.N. World Heritage site

Elderly men were keeping watch Saturday over Timbuktu's main library after Islamists burned down a tomb listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The attacks Friday were blamed on Ansar Dine, a militant group that seeks to impose strict Sharia law.

The ancient city in Mali was captured by at least two separatist Tuareg rebel groups in an anti-government uprising in the northern part of the country that began in January.

The rebels burned the tomb of a Sufi saint where people come to pray, said Sankoum Sissoko, a tour guide familiar with the place. He said the library and other heritage sites remained under threat.

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    What's the big deal about heritage sites?
    We tore the heck out of the site of Babylon with earth moving equipment without a thought other than to destroy Iraqs heritage ( Good sych warfare if you are plan on owning in perpetuity), and dug down then built up and. Overed all the dredgings over with concrete and asphalt.

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