Overheard on CNN.com: Can you describe U.S. economy with poker metaphors?
JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon says the United States has a "royal straight flush." What hand would you suggest?
May 9th, 2012
07:27 PM ET

Overheard on CNN.com: Can you describe U.S. economy with poker metaphors?

Editor's note: This post is part of the Overheard on CNN.com series, a regular feature that examines interesting comments and thought-provoking conversations posted by the community.

JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon recently suggested that the United States has a "royal straight flush," a name for the best hand you can have in poker. Dimon cites the world's strongest military, best businesses, most entrepreneurial workforce and deepest capital markets. And, he says, things would be even better were it not for government policies. Some readers at the proverbial table nodded in agreement, while others thought he might be bluffing a bit.

Jamie Dimon is bullish on U.S. economy

A few commenters responded with poker terminology of their own, while others could potentially have such lingo applied to their remarks. Let us explore some poker metaphors.

Pair of threes

Mtl300: "Jamie Dimon sees a 'royal straight flush' with stacked red and blue chips on the table ... most of us see a 'pair of threes' with a handful of one-penny white chips on the same economic table ..."

Ride it out

David R Priest: "I know of 16 trillion reasons that the U.S. is not holding a good hand right now, but if we take a few cards and throw away a few bad ones, we could get back in the game."


Nelba: "The economic flush I see is of a different kind. :)"

Of fish and sharks

Spinoff55: "Yeah ... but where are the 4 million other jobs? Could it be that the former 'employer-of-last-resort' is not in the game? Instead of blaming business, the present policy-makers and legislators ought to accept responsibility. The mad dash to 'reduce-the-budget-at-all-costs' may have come at a very high price indeed: a stalled economy."

rckymtn4: "Wow, are you proposing that government should have produced the other 4 million jobs? I would hardly call an economy where 50 percent of job growth is in the public sector as a vibrant economy."

LiblMedia: "Who reduced the budget? Obama has never had one and continually runs more than a trillion dollar deficit every year. Obama is spending more money than the government takes in tax revenues. The irresponsible excessive spending by an incompetent community organizer has indeed stalled the economy."


thing55: "I wonder if Dimon thought he had a royal straight flush when JP Morgan had to be bailed out by the feds in 2008."

JH1: "That would actually be called a freeroll."

Tom Evans: "JP Morgan was pressured into taking these bailout funds. They didn't need it but the government's position was that if the healthy banks didn't participate it would make the others banks look bad and somewhat discredit the program. This money has since been paid back with interest. So the taxpayers actually benefited."


oldman52: "Did he say economy royally flushed? What does JP Morgan Chase produce again? Glad he's standing on the bridge of the Titanic. I hope that golden parachute floats ..."


Ryan Vigus: "Sounds like Dimon is bluffing his hand up a bit. Too bad he has a serious tell called reality."

Ace in the hole

Gary Ream: "You have to admire Dimon talking like a straight-thinking populist. If he walks the walk he should turn up the volume because he's got a big future."

Poker face

mycorner: "And I bet 'all in' that he said that with a poker face!"

Like a rock

devilsporkch: "No skin off his nose. He can tell any tale he wants and nothin' will touch him ... dirtbag ... of course he loves America, it's all stacked in his favor."

Strange chips

Ren Bis: "Financed with monopoly money ..."

Three of a kind

ataxed99er: "We have a market economy but we have strayed far from capitalism. A capitalist free market economy consists of three co-equal parts: The producers, the market, and labor. Money flows from the producers to the labor force to the market and back to the producers. In the other direction we have work converted into goods by the producer which are sold to the market and then sold to the labor force. The model only works if producers are paying fair wages and if the price of goods represents the full cost of their production and there is no outside influence tilting things. Around 1980 the flow of wealth from the producers to the labor force slowed to a trickle. As a result the economy could have crashed but instead people worked 2nd jobs or a spouse entered the workforce. When that influx of cash made its way to the producers and stopped we again could of had a crash. instead people kept spending but now it was on credit and equity. In 2008 when house prices started falling the source of money that was driving the economy went away. CRASH. Low wages are the problem. 'All wealth comes from labor' - Adam Smith"

cartman1: "You assume a closed-loop economy. This economy is global and we have few US producers left yet we all shop at Wallyworld. Our labor force cheers the lower prices on the shelves by sending their money to producers in China that pay peanuts to their own labor. In the end, either American pay goes way down or workers in China get paid way more. The capitalist free market economy still has three legs but they are not equal in a geographical sense."

vsaluki: "So, with all of the people that feel like you, why are you not starting companies and paying high wages? 'The model only works if producers are paying fair wages and if the price of goods represents the full cost of their production and there is no outside influence tilting things.' If the price of goods represents the full cost of their production, why would anyone bother to start and run a company?"

Calling stations

Eddie Padilla: "It is what it is. I know many people like myself are out there working, and working hard to make a good impression for more opportunity. I don't mind working hard at all, but I know many people just stop caring due to the lack of merit companies and corporations give financially to the good workers. It's always the kiss-butts and the ones who have inside connections that get the benefit. One day I'm just going to go to work for myself and start my own business. Infact, more people need to start saving, and start investing and try to start their own businesses that will recognize hard work and stop taking advantage of people."

vsaluki: "Once you see what you are facing in trying to start a business you may actually start making sense."

Upping the ante

CrazyRaymo: "Here is a man who has personally created thousands of jobs, provided mortgages to thousands of people and paid millions of dollars in taxes. And he has a message of hope. What is wrong with that?"

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  1. saywhat

    My good Jewish friends & great folks in Jewish Voice for Peace and other concerned Americans did try to make their voices heard, yours humbly included by writing to our respective reps but the all powerful lobby of you know who put down its boots on us American ants.

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  2. Reno

    A clueless kid from Chicago won the lottery and went to Vegas where he kept betting on a three-legged horse named "Socialism." He lsot it all, but had alot of Hollywood friends that kept adoring him anyway, so it was all OK.

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  3. Guess who?

    @veteran, really the white knight, who are you kidding?

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    I am sorry, that I interrupt you, but you could not give more information.

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