May 10th, 2012
10:19 AM ET

Search continues for missing Tennessee girls

Authorities on Thursday continued their search for two kidnapped Tennessee girls and the man accused of abducting them and killing their mother and sister.

"We wish someone would call and help us," FBI spokesman Joel Siskovic said Thursday. "At this point, this guy doesn't want to be found, and we're out there trying to find him."

A day earlier, the FBI put the suspect, Adam Mayes, on its list of 10 most wanted fugitives and added $100,000 to the reward fund offered for a break in the case. Mayes has been charged in the killing of Jo Ann Bain and her eldest daughter, Adrienne, 14, but authorities suspect he is still holding Bain's younger daughters, Alexandria, 12, and Kyliyah, 8.

The motive behind the kidnappings and killings remains unknown, but Adam Mayes' mother-in-law told ABC's "Good Morning America" that Mayes and his wife would fight over the Bain family.

"The reason they were arguing so much is because there were two little girls that he was just absolutely obsessed with," Josie Tate said. "He was claiming that these two children were his."

Siskovic said Mayes was a Bains family friend.

"There has been a lot of information that has come to light, and we want to make sure these girls are not brought to further risk. All of these details are coming in and going into the investigative picture," he said.

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    • Mary

      This would be the first time I can honestly say banasy IS so far gone in her analogy... that my jaw dropped at the speed of sound!

      "This is a 'chart', not a thread. And as is the case with most any chart, several threads may be going at any given time."

      My question IS, what have you been smoking?

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    When one steals someone elses name, they generally dont have principles!

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    Notice that nowhere in that definition is impersonation of another person.

    This is not a chart.
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