Open thread: Celebrating Mother's Day
May 13th, 2012
08:48 AM ET

Open thread: Celebrating Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms out there. The National Retail Federation estimates consumers will spend $18.6 billion on Mother's Day this year, about $152.52 for the average person celebrating the holiday. If you forgot to get something special for Mom, don't worry, you can give her the perfect gift without spending a dime.

What are the best and worst Mother's Day gifts you've received (or given)?

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  1. Manic Panic

    Happy Mother's day to my Mum, I love your so much!

    And to my beautiful wife, the best mother a kid can have. I hope I made your day as happy as I feel every day ever since I met and married you. You are my light. (And yes, I've told her that.)

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  2. Manic Panic

    @odd. I didn't call anyone a "Mawsogyny", whatever that is. I made an observation that it sounded like someone hated his/her mother. I do not know what your mother did to you, but calling a complete stranger a "kook" and a "baffoon" for no apparent reason is highly rude. I do not know you. Why the nae-calling?

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  3. R Burns

    The worst Mother's Day gift ever was – nothing. No gift, no phone call, no mention of the day in a later conversation. I have 5 grown kids scattered all over the world and this has happened several times over the decades, usually from the same ones. My lesson? Take each person as they are, when they are present, for what they can bring to the moment. Love them unconditionally and don't pick bones later. But celebrate exuberantly when they do remember to honor their Mom! My own mother said she hated Mother's Day, simply because there were so many women out there who were mothers with broken hearts or who wanted to be moms and never had that in their life. I don't believe in putting life's celebrations down, but also try not to dwell on them when they don't happen. Those years when all or most of the family neglects to honor a holiday or birthday, however, really does sting. Not much you can do about that!

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  4. @ Linda Thomas

    What? You don't think flying saucers are relevant to Mother's Day? Neither do I.

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  5. BG - FL

    My greatest Mother's Day gift ever was my child; I was supposed to be infertile. My kid remains the greatest gift, a day set aside for honoring mothers is nothing compared to the honor I have if being my child's mother 365 days a year.

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  6. tendem

    152 dollars I am thinking thats a high guess there are alot that get 0 and kids don't have that kind of money maybe flowers and dinner yes but I still think its a high guess to make people feel like the only way to show people how you feel is spend a bunch on them I think just spending time with your mom and telling her how much she means to you would be good enough

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  7. Ugh

    Comment sections on the internet are pointless. They just end up being trolled by hateful or ignorant spreaders of hate and ignorance. "CNN comment sections, making the world a worse place"

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  8. Mary

    I am EXTREMELY proud of my son and will NEVER denounce that he is such.
    He is a BETTER person than I could EVER hope to be!
    I am 100% positive NO one could ever come close to treating me with the love and kindness he does. Therefore, I shall NEVER expect any man to come after him. GET IT!
    Good nite and bye for awhile until I have cooled off!
    Have fun being *baffoons* all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd had my fill of being trashed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    May 14, 2012 at 12:09 am | Report abuse |
  9. chrissy

    @ Mary, WORD! Would do men good to realize there is unconditional love a mother has for her child, and to NEVER even think they can come between that! Kudos girl!

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  10. NebMaren

    My son gave me a sterling silver cross with a dove in it for mother's day 2 years after my daughter committed suicide. He was 10 and I have worn it around my neck everyday since then (other than when the chain broke) I just bought a new sterling silver chain. Mothers day the year I turned 50 he gave me a Fossil watch that is a Neb watch (huge huge fan) and I have worn it everyday since then. This year he is a Marine in Afghanistan and he contacted me from Afghanistan to wish me a Happy Mother's Day. He also called me about a month ago wanting me to be in N.C. when he gets back – and a couple of weeks ago he recieved a N.A.M. Navy Achievement Medal. What more could a mother ask for than a son that makes her proud of him each and every day? He makes every day mother's day to this mom!! What more could I ask for?

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  11. dazzle ©

    Not so cute twist jacker.

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  12. Abortion survivor

    Oh the stench of a mothers unconditional love for herself.
    The youngest fetus to survive birth was a little girl 21 weeks 6 days old. The Supreme Court's opinion is that life starts at 28 weeks. That leaves over 6 weeks where abortions are possibly murders.
    Mom? How many of my brothers and sisters did you drown in vega Reservoir before abortion became legal in the eyes of God?

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  13. chrissy

    @ Mary, i hope youre ok today, you sounded way upset last night. Im being quite sincere, dont let the negativity of others affect your relationship with your son EVER. God has blessed you with him, treasure that, everyone else is trivial! 🙂

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