May 16th, 2012
11:48 AM ET

Greeks set election date amid possibility of bank panic

Greece will hold new elections on June 17, state media reported Wednesday, after Greeks pulled hundreds of millions of euros out of the banking system amid fears that the country will not be able to stay in the European Union's single currency.

Setting the date for a new vote comes 10 days after a national election in which voters punished the major parties for harsh budget cuts, leaving no party able to form a government.

A caretaker administration led by a senior judge will run the country until the new vote.

Interim Prime Minister Panagiotis Pikrammenos and his Cabinet will take their oaths of office on Thursday morning, Greek state television reported.


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  1. bobcat (in a hat)©

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    He followed me into the house, down the hall, and fell asleep on the couch. An hour later, he went to the door, and I let him out. The next day he was back, resumed his position on the couch and slept for an hour. This continued for several weeks. Curious, I pinned a note to his collar: 'Every afternoon your dog comes to my house for a nap.'

    The next day he arrived with a different note pinned to his collar: 'He lives in a home with four children - he's trying to catch up on his sleep. Can I come with him tomorrow?'

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  2. banasy©

    Lol, bc(iah)©.
    Naps are a gooooood thing.

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  3. hamsta

    @ Jj thats right but im sure the socialist parasites will blame capitalism for running out of money.

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  4. oh, please!!!!!!!!

    whoa. Brave of you to admit that you're a parasite, there, sparky. And hey, hamsta, what us our economy driven on? Capitalism, Corky. Not socialism. Look it up. Learn something, moron. If you don't even know what your own gov'ts ecomomy is based on, you should really shut up about critisizing it.

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  5. hamsta

    like i didnt know that! problem is america is being taken over by socialist parasites. dont even try to say obama isnt socialist.

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  6. HowPresidentObamaLosestheElection

    > overworked, underpaid... not enough sleep.... higher attorney bills and rabid flag wavers !!! could be good for
    us... no problem !!! see Cheny inherit "his" Earth... and new robot toys- I love that best of all.

    Lol, bc(iah)©.
    Naps are a gooooood thing.
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