May 18th, 2012
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Overheard on Friday funnies

Editor's note: This post is part of the Overheard on series, a regular feature that examines interesting comments and thought-provoking conversations posted by the community.

It's Friday. Let's end the week by taking a look at some funny comments about stories in the news. First, we venture backwards in time to your teenage years.

New French PM's name causes Arab giggles

Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault's name sounds like Arabic slang for male genitalia. Some thought this story might inspire kids to learn foreign languages.

Uncle_Dutch: "Some people never get out of junior high. On a positive note, it might be just the spark to get the Beavis & Butthead types of this country to finally learn a foreign language."

readerz: "Vastly educational. We just learned two new words in Arabic, in the long-standing tradition of every foreign-language student who looks up all of 'those' words first. I hope that Mr. Ayrault and (Pakistani diplomat Akbar Zeb) continue to educate. At least the article did not use Victorian English, where there is another word used in place of the word 'said.' Reminds me of something produced by Congress, but maybe the language would need to be aborted."

Politicians with dirty-sounding names are nothing new, readers say.

Niki Bush: "If we can get over the fact that two of our presidents were Bush, then we can get over the fact that the French (prime minister) president's name means penis in the Arabic world. I had an uncle named Richard Head, and when you go through your entire life with the last name that is an euphemism for the downtown area, every other wacky name just isn't really all that funny."

Some people are all too familiar with this issue.

JanetMermaid: "Seriously? I used to work with a Harry Biggrigg and a Harry Biggerstaff - both at the same company. And I went to school with a Dick Holder. Sounds like a few folks need to grow up."

GDINY2: "Just as in my company, everyone is a Richard Head."

Kris Jackson: "Hey, ask John Boehner his opinion. Or Dick Armey. Kinda makes me wish Anthony Wiener was still around."

Some had a little fun with the Farsi word "kir."

CyrusIII: "Hahah ... The President of South Sudan's name (Salva Kiir) also means penis in all the Iranian languages ..."

EVinSB: "The Indians have this dessert called Kheer which is pronounced the same way (Kiir). Whenever I order it I have to do a double take and make sure I'm not ordering penis."

When in Ireland ...

Chimbok: "'Bod' is the name in Irish for the word in the subject matter. So, when you see a nice woman, and tell the person near you, 'Man she has a nice bod,' then what the heck are you saying?"

Females are not exempt from such terms, as written by one user.

"Maybe some brilliant CNN reporter should tell us how the Arabs react to eating a dish called 'cous cous.' "

Don't forget about the planets.

pmalte: "I read that the name of the planet Uranus ... has actually had an impact on the number of people who decide to study the place, reducing the number of scientists who don't want to their life's field of study being giggle-inducing. TV shows that try to play it coy by pronouncing it 'urine-us' only make it funnier. It always triggers a whole spate of jokes in my family, who love watching shows on astronomy: 'Did you know the temperature on Uranus is near absolute zero?' or 'The surface of Uranus is full of cracks and fissures.' And don't forget, 'There are no signs of life on Uranus.' "

Now, we look at the social behemoth known as Facebook, used by nearly one in seven people on earth and now being publicly traded on the stock market as "FB."

Why I won't be quitting Facebook

Readers expressed cynicism. In fact, many said they don't use Facebook. But some do. Does it resemble coastal New Jersey?

malibu66: "Something just occurred to me. This is the new reality TV. Except you get to have a few people you know personally in the show. It's like Jersey Shore with people in your life. Not my thing, but it is now how I see it."

This reader has a new term for Facebook.

Gumpy52: "A year ago I told the 16 people working for me in my office that I did not want them on Facebook during business hours. or shopping on eBay. Three of them must have thought I was joking. They're now unemployed. Now, they can spend all day on Facebook. That's why it's called 'Social Not-Working.' "

One could assume this person is a fan of some other company.

Rumpel Stiltskin: "When Facebook makes a car that can drive itself and gets it registered in Nevada then I will like them too."

But do think about your online privacy, even on Google.

Rumpel Stiltskin: "I mean when you're signed into Google and you do an image search for grannies with hot fannies how can you not be embarrassed knowing they have that on file."

hollowkiller: "If you don't want to see that, just turn on the safe search so you won't have to gouge out your virgin eyes. Works for me."

Guest: "I'm hoping they'll somehow let grannies with hot fannies know I'm on the hunt for them."

copanut: "Easy. Don't sign in."

Hold on to those grains of salt, folks.

jdr24: "My girlfriend posted a picture of me in front of my birthday cake last night. I have no life, my girlfriend has no life and all of my friends that see it have no lives. She should've spent 15 productive minutes composing an email to send it to all of them instead, but alas she failed and devastated us all in those 5 horrifying seconds. On top of that, the government, employers, hackers and ad companies are hard at work milking all possible information they can from that picture so that they can further devastate my already lacking life. Indeed, anyone who uses FB is surely damned."

If you are planning on heading out to the movies this weekend, the new film "Battleship" will be one of your options.

Review: The captains of 'Battleship' deserve a medal

The classic board game inspired a few readers' creativity.

zrxgrim: "I can't wait for Michael Bey's 'Hungry Hungry Hippos' in 2014!"

plank: "Look at Robot Chicken - they already noted this along with Chutes and Ladders ..."

BjammindD: "I admit, I laughed. Cue the Michael Bay-style over-dramatized voice-over: 'GOBBLE THEM ALL UP!' *explosion*"

NyuBomber: "Quentin Tarantino presents ... Candy Land."

Look like fun to you?

Buddy9876: "Blam! Kapow! Sploosh! Whoosh! CGI flames and explosions! Count me in! (Seriously - no sarcasm here. I'm totally into that kind of thing.)"

waltonsimons: "Out of curiosity, who was asking for a 'Battleship' movie to be made? Were there really
'Battleship' players out there who, after a few well-fought rounds, stopped and said to themselves, 'You know what would be awesome? If this game was a movie!' ?' "

vulpes08003: "I did."

In other popular culture news, some fans of Van Halen could be a little disappointed to hear that the band has canceled 30 stops on its current tour. They still plan to play through 13 shows, however.

Van Halen postpones 31 concert dates

Here's one theory from one reader apparently familiar with the band.

SnackMonster: "It was postponed because the high 'E' string on (Eddit Van Halen)'s guitar is crafted from the ground up dust of baby unicorn horns, and there was an unexpected shortage in the supply chain recently. They tried the substitute string made out of leprechaun tendons but Eddie threw a fit and claimed that the 16th harmonic faded out 20 nanoseconds too soon. Totally unacceptable to his ear. If you know or have ever worked with EVH you will know exactly what I am saying ;-)"

PVS1: "Give the guy a break, man. He actually got rid of the guitar chord he was tripping over all last tour and went wireless, which (as you well know, im sure) must have required a pure leap of faith on his part."

SnackMonster: "I know ... and the only way he agreed to that was because we convinced him that it was an invisible cord made out of fibers from the corneas of seahorses."

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