May 30th, 2012
02:26 AM ET

NBA draft lottery could help Michael Jordan

his is the time of the year where NBA executives may get a little religious, praying that the ping pong balls in Wednesday's NBA draft lottery fall in their favor.

Nobody may be praying harder than Michael Jordan whose Charlotte Bobcats is the the losingest team in NBA history.

The Bobcats ended the season with a record of 7-59 and finished with an all-time worst .106 winning percentage.

For the lottery, the league assigns ping pong balls to the worst performing teams. The poorer a team performed in the season, the more balls it gets.

The idea is to help the team get first dibs in the draft and pick up a promising player.

The Bobcats' dismal distinction means it will have a 25% chance of getting the top pick in Wednesday's draft lottery - and the greatest chance at picking Kentucky's all-world big man Anthony Davis.

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