June 6th, 2012
05:50 PM ET

CNN Mash-up: Chronicling Mars and Venus

The CNN Daily Mash-up is a roundup of some of the most interesting, surprising, curious, poignant or significant items to appear on CNN.com in the past 24 hours. We top it with a collection of the day's most striking photographs from around the world.

Ray Bradbury mourned and celebrated

The death of acclaimed speculative fiction author Ray Bradbury evoked an appreciation from literary critic Gene Seymour, as well as a fond memory from CNN religion writer John Blake. Within his essay, Seymour quotes Argentine poet Jorge Luis-Borges, who in his introduction to his Spanish-language translation of "The Martian Chronicles," asked:

What has this man from Illinois done, I ask myself when I close the pages of his book, that episodes from the conquest of another planet fill me with horror and loneliness?

Many of our readers felt the same way about Bradbury, who wrote the anti-censorship classic "Fahrenheit 451." This comment is typical:


This is a sad day for all devoted science fiction fans. I even met my spouse in the science fiction aisle of my local bookstore. One of my children just read "Fahrenheit 451." The poor kid was horrified to even think of a world without the pleasure of settling down comfortably to read a good book. Thank you, Mr Bradbury, for sharing your literary talent with all of us. Bibliophiles around the world will miss you. My most sincere condolences to Ray's family and friends.

You can read more comments on iReport.

The Venusian Chronicles

It seems appropriate that on the day the author of "The Martian Chronicles" passes on, we're seeing hundreds of CNN iReporter images of Venus as it made its transit across the disc of the sun. You can ooh and aah over them here.

Here is NASA's view of the transit of Venus:

Angry days for 'Happy Days' cast members

Many of you reading this grew up watching "Happy Days," either in its original run or in syndication. You even may have had a lunch box with a picture of The Fonz on it. Well, four of the original cast members - Marion Ross (Mrs. Cunningham), Don Most (Ralph Malph), Erin Moran (Joanie) and Anson Williams (Potsy) - are suing CBS for a cut of the show's huge merchandising profits. A Los Angeles judge ruled on Tuesday that the trial can go ahead. In an interview with HLN's Joy Behar, Most summed up the actors' complaint:

"Happy Days" is one of the most heavily merchandised shows in TV history, and it's been out there for 37 years, and we never got a dime for any of the merchandise.

Here is more of that interview:

News of the "Happy Days" lawsuit prompted this exchange of comments between CNN.com users:


What year is this?


It's a 2012 lawsuit about a show produced in the '70s and '80s set in the '50s.  It's got something for everyone of all ages.

Oh, those crazy high school kids

Faculty and staff at Connecticut's Simsbury High School found some unexpected visitors on the school Wednesday morning. Not at the school; on the school. In what was assumed to be a senior prank, four placid pygmy goats were left atop a portico on the school's science wing, CNN affiliate WFSB reports. School officials think they might have a way to find out who is behind the caper.

On the horizon: Bernanke briefs Congress on economy

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke will testify before the Joint Economic Committee on the state of the economy. Also, the International Council of Shopping Centers will issue its monthly same-store-sales report, and Bernanke's Federal Reserve Board will release its consumer credit report.

June 7 anniversaries

  • 1942 – The Battle of Midway ended in a U.S. victory over the Japanese navy.
  • 1975 – Sony introduced the Betamax VCR.

June 7 birthdays

  • Singer Tom Jones, 72
  • Actor Liam Neeson, 60
  • Musician/songwriter Prince, 54
  • Basketball player Allen Iverson, 37
  • Tennis player/model Anna Kournikova, 31
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    You don't have to answer that.


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    Don't quit you day job. Your poetry stinks, and seems to be quite bigoted as well. Seek help.

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    Hey, Luka, is that you?


    A gay priest... what could be finer?


    Hire a shrink!

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  4. Hope


    What happened to your poem? Funny how such inspiring work can, just, disappear like THAT... snap!

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  5. itoldyouso10

    Wasn't Mr. Bradbury the one who wrote the short story of the children on Venus who never saw the Sun because it was tropical world in the story and covered by rain clouds all the time, but at one moment they got to see it? Well, if I have the right author for that, isn't amazing and ironic how these things work out at the same time...?

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  6. Hope

    Oh, well...

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  7. chrissy

    What a load of garbage, no one knows whats gonna happen in the after life and ive read the bible plenty. It does not say children will be burned alive! I just love how people spread their interpretations and call em gospel just to put fear in people!

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    • Mary

      Quit the opposite of what he said. No one gets burned alive. You gals constantly read people wrong. Spew your garbage, that's why people here leave, you drive them away. As you have me.

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  8. Hope


    It's okay. People know when they've done bad things... they feel it: and I don't want anyone feeling bad. I should have walked away and not looked back. He doesn't like me as much as he likes to argue. Don't give him the satisfaction. Stay sweet and kill them with kindness. Evidently, he had read some comments I wrote and misinterpreted them. I told you so made a very good point. Look on the bright side.

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    Love ya... Nite

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  11. Mary

    Here is what he said:
    The Holy Bible as oppossed to burning in Hell forever as if God, or any decent parent, would ever even THINK about doing...knowing that their very-own children are being burned alive forever by my very own enemy, Satan the Devil. YOU have been DECIEVED!!! There is no "Hell". God is NOT an extortionist. Hell is an idea of man, not God.

    Those who try to say God burns people in "hell" forever, are false teachers. There is NO hell, he said.
    No good parent would burn anyone in "hell" forever, he said.
    Hell does not exist, he said.

    Now, It would be nice of you all to apologize but we all know you like to TWIST what people say to start your ugly rantings.

    Good day

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    • Hope

      That's not all he said... someone deleted his other comments.

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    I've read this whole thread through and I've seen nothing that warrants an apology to anyone.

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  13. chrissy

    @ banasy, i guess not if you ignore his garbage. And @ Mary, he has said it on more than one occassion, i just tend to ignore his daily tirades. They mean nothing to me and for the most part make very little sense.

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  14. chrissy

    And again Mary, tis philip that drives people away, not *us gals*, and drive you away? hmmm yet here you are!

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