Gotta Watch: Impaled and alive
Doctors say the three-foot shaft somehow missed every major blood vessel in the victim's brain.
June 19th, 2012
06:44 PM ET

Gotta Watch: Impaled and alive

Medical "miracles" may have saved the victims featured in this "Gotta Watch." Check out the X-rays of these traumatic head injury survivors and find out how they got themselves into so much trouble.

Teen survives spear through head

Find out what events led up to the accident that injured 16-year-old Yasser Lopez.

Toddler impaled by pressure washer

Find out who was with the toddler at the time of the accident and how this person responded.

Man survives pipe through head

Find out one of the first things Andrew Linn reached for after his accident.

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  1. banasy©

    I've been bounced off and on all day, but then I was in the pool most of the day, so I wasn't trying very hard.
    This is the longest I've been able to stay on!

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  2. dazzle ©

    @banasy©, it's a good thing you have that pool with the heat and humidity. I can't go in mine in the heat of the day but when I get home, I dive right in. Maybe the net was having issues between Mubarek, Sandusky, and Assange. My big brother and the Priest are coming out next week. I sent Tori pictures from the reunion and I captured a shot right before she made her comment. LMAO, that kid.

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  3. banasy©

    Oh, boy, i'd love to see a shot of the faces after she made the comment!
    I haven't been on the those threads at all today.
    Too long, and my phone is acting quirky...I think I'll make a visit to Sprint tomorrow and get this Blackeberry my daughter bought activated.
    I detest this current phone I have...
    Oh, well.
    I'm not taking any chances with this phone anymore, so I'm calling it a night.
    GN, all.

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