Michael Phelps could be eyeing a new record of 10 Olympic medals
Michael Phelps swims in the 200-meter individual medley finals in March.
June 19th, 2012
01:11 PM ET

Michael Phelps could be eyeing a new record of 10 Olympic medals

Michael Phelps may be looking to one-up himself.

The decorated swimmer has entered himself into seven individual events for the USA Olympic Swimming trials, and if he manages to qualify for all of them, and participates in all three team medleys, he could set himself up to take away 10 medals in this year's London Olympics.

Perhaps Phelps is thinking there's no other way to cap his record-setting eight medals in Beijing than to go for a few more.

And it may not be a bad way to cap off his record career. After all, Phelps said in a recent interview with 60 Minutes that he was going to retire after this year's Olympics.

Of course, Phelps could also be keeping his options open. If he were to fail to qualify in one of the events, he'd have plenty of backups. And some swimmers often enter themselves into additional races only to scratch themselves from some events to focus on others. Phelps may be waiting to see what events he and his coach feel he is best suited for.

It wouldn't be a first for him to scratch a few events. During the 2008 Olympic trials he scratched himself from three events.

Phelps has signed up for the 200-meter and 400-meter individual medley, the 100-meter and 200-meter butterfly, the 100-meter and 200-meter freestyle and the 200-meter backstroke during Olympics trials taking place on June 25 in Omaha, Nebraska, according to USA Swimming. Phelps is expected to be picked to be in all three men's team relay events.

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But he could also be preparing to dazzle a crowd that's used to having all eyes on him in the swimming pool during recent Olympics.

There had been many questions about just what Phelps would do during the London Olympics after he stumbled a bit after Beijing, got into some trouble, and then missed practices, his coach told 60 Minutes.

His coach, Bob Bowman, said he wasn't sure Phelps would even get to the Olympics. Bowman said despite Phelps' slow start to getting back into full training mode, he believes the icon of U.S. swimming can still nab several medals.

The question was: how many?

"I don't know," Bowman said at the time. "That's up to him."

They say you should go big or go home. And it looks like Phelps might be trying to do both. Go big, break records, and then finally go home and relax.

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