June 26th, 2012
08:17 AM ET

Debby's flooding isn't over for Florida

He used sand bags and a water pump, but Chad Mercer couldn't stop floodwaters from rising to his knees inside his Starke, Florida, home.

"I'm laughing about it now, because I've been doing this since six this morning," he told CNN affiliate WJXT Monday night. "Gotta laugh now."

But Tropical Storm Debby proved to be no laughing matter as it wreaked widespread havoc in Florida. The slow-moving storm has killed one person, dumped nearly a foot of rain in some areas and triggered flooding resulting in evacuations, rescues and road and interstate closures.

And Debby isn't finished - forecasters warned the storm could bring another 8 inches of rain to the northern part of the state as it slogs through, headed from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean. Isolated areas could see a total of 25 inches of rain from Debby.

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    Why is the sky blue?

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    I will still be me in my next incarnation. Ill just have a different body. I just hope I'm sentient. I try to be decent so I think Im ok. Fingers crossed.

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    You and little mister

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