Overheard on CNN.com: 'It's not the heat, it's the stupidity'
Residents crowd onto the beach at Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York, in the powerful heat on Saturday.
July 3rd, 2012
07:40 PM ET

Overheard on CNN.com: 'It's not the heat, it's the stupidity'

Editor's note: This post is part of the Overheard on CNN.com series, a regular feature that examines interesting comments and thought-provoking conversations posted by the community.

Surging mercury and power outages because of storms have combined forces to make many readers miserable.

With temperatures around 107 degrees in Nashville, iReporter Holly Coons tried to bake cookies in the car.

"I actually burned my hand when I grabbed the cookie sheet out of the car," she says, adding that she considers the hourlong experiment a success. "I would have made a bigger batch if I knew they were going to turn out so good."

In South Charleston, West Virginia, Eddie Harmon has been without power for days. He's unemployed and trying to stay cool as much as he can;  his wife and the couple's younger daughter slept in the car last night. Another daughter is staying with her grandmother, who has a generator. At 6 feet 5 inches, Harmon has to try to sleep in the house.

"It is very hard to sleep," he says. "I’m doing the best I can with it. I’m probably getting anywhere from five to three hours of sleep and not until 5 in the morning when the house finally cools off."

He recorded a video the day after losing power, in which he shares his tips for coping with the heat.

Several CNN.com readers also joined the conversation about temperatures and energy stability.

More than 1.3 million customers lack power amid unrelenting heat

For some, a short time without power was enough to have them concerned. The following reader said they had made several calls to their electrical service provider in the hopes of getting information, but it was very difficult. They also said Santa might be bringing them a generator this year.

RabbitMan196: "I live in Virginia and was without power for three days. I have an electric well (no manual capability yet - will be rectified VERY soon) so no power means no water. I drove 50 miles on Saturday looking for ice. I think I now know what the end of the world (at least in America) will look like: thousands of folks driving in their air-conditioned cars, clogging gas stations and looking for ice."

But others said we need to be more resilient without power.

Lovemypitbulls: "We are so reliant on computers and electricity that we freak out when we lose them. That gas station in Silver Spring could still sell ice and food. People shouldn't go without because electric cash registers aren't working. Pen and paper will get the job done; it'll just mean a little more work for the owner when the power finally comes back."

Some people are very miserable.

batman8318: "Having these 105 temps in North Carolina wouldn't be so bad if the humidity wasnt at 70. The humidity is what makes these temps so bad! Someone from Arizona was boasting about people not being able to handle the heat. Well I will trade you your heat for Southern humidity any day my friend ... see if you can handle this humidity."

JeremyH6: "But, it's a dry heat ..."

It's the Arizonan's lament.

KConor: "107 is nothing. We already hit 114 this year in Arizona. The water of my pool reached 92F."

HeyDummy1: "And that's the reason nobody lives in Arizona, so clearly 107 is 'something.' "

Those traditional summer sayings keep coming back.

SfromTX: "Easy to make snide comments when you've got power. Once again posters here prove 'it's not the heat, it's the stupidity.' "

GoRemoteKCI: "It's not so much the heat, but the heredity ..."

Time to buy a generator?

Barackismyhero: "How much did you spend on Starbucks last year? How much do you spend on dining out? Here's an idea. Most banks will allow you to skip a car payment, push it back to the end of your loan. Take that money and buy a genny ... a reliable one will cost you $400-$600. Also, maybe grandma and grandpa can't afford to send all the kids birthday money, maybe they need to keep it to buy themselves something so readily available and easy to use. Yes, of course you need the $1,500 [model] to run A/C but at least you would have SOMETHING now wouldn't you?

Johnny Mustard: "Here in Louisiana , many people have learned the convenience of owning a generator and small window units that it can run. 5,500 watt generators sell for around $550-600 and it is enough I found out to run two 8.5btu A/C units, the refrigerator, a freezer, TV, PCs and about three or four lights."

Or maybe we just need to toughen up.

KenKrieger: "I was raised in Florida in the 1950s with very high humidity and no air conditioning. I remember going places that had air conditioning and thinking it was too cold. I stayed outside all day and never had a reaction to the heat. Now everyone has air conditioning including people on welfare. Now we even provide cell phones for the poor. We now live in a wimpy, 'woe is me society' with double-priced government-controlled heath care that means fewer jobs and more on welfare and more 'woe is me Democrat voters' who blame the people who work for all their problems. I set my thermostat on 79 and I use air conditioning mostly to keep the moisture out of the house, not so much for cooling. You over-taxed socialist liberals in the North need some heat. Ken Krieger, Cape Coral, Florida"

Are power fix-it folks heroes?

jillian Frias: "Thank you to my wonderful husband and his crew down is MD. Journeyman lineman put their lives on the line every day for us. Thanks guys!!! xoxoxox"

place57: "Not to take away from their job (I think it would suck to do that), but I think the 'putting their lives on the line' every day is a little much. I appreciate the hard work, but heroes they are not. ..."

This reader is tired of the heat.

Linda Brown: "God I feel for these folks because even though I have power and have had the AC going nonstop it is extremely humid and the high temp for us in my neck of the woods in MI is going to be 96 at about 5 p.m. and I am so tired of it already. I had to go out to do errands and buy groceries and it was all I could do to walk out the door, so I can't imagine what these poor folks are going through with no AC or fans, I would go to one of the cooling stations but most of these places would not allow pets and I have three cats who as of now are lying on the floor near the AC. We had some strong storms come through this a.m. and all that did was heat it up even more! It is like walking into a sauna! Now it is summer in MI, but this is getting old these relentless 90s! So I do hope these folks get their power on soon or more people are gonna drop like flies."

Several people mentioned buried power lines, which were the subject of a recent opinion article by columnist David Frum.

Michael White Frejac: "Well. How smart are we really? Tons of people and still sending electricity in above-ground lines, via a system that cannot take hard weather? Goes to show how governments tend to forget voters, in a bad way. Note, not too many are wealthy in those zones. Seems like they like your money more than they (the gov) likes you."

But other countries live without air conditioning!

Slumdog77: "My friend went to visit her family in Europe, she forgot that those guys have no AC, not only in their homes, train stations, stores, libraries. Russia, Ukraine are NO AC country's, and they live to tell the story, no problem there."

Bill Rogers: "Amazing people can't live without air conditioning. I spent a year in Vietnam and we had none there and survived. Back 60 years ago, not many people had air and all survived. Geez. What a lazy pitiful world of people these days."

Some people feel like it's getting worse.

bkungl: "We are experiencing the same kind of heat wave here in Ontario. The only difference is that we never experienced those terrible storms on Friday night so we still have our electricity. I used to look forward to summers, however, it seems that every year the heat is getting worse and for longer periods at a time. I'm so sorry for all those who are suffering in this extreme heat ... hopefully, the electricity will be up and running soon."

Of course, air conditioning is a modern thing.

SofaKings: "My ancestors survived without a/c, electricity, laptops, cell phones and refrigeration. This is NOT a travesty in the NE folks ... learn how to survive without comfort conveniences and stop your whining."

Tsimbi: "My God! Over a million Americans without air conditioning!! Call Al Gore!"

Are we over thinking this?

maipenoor: "Fun fact: Temperature gets higher in the summertime and lower in the wintertime."

And ... not everybody's hot.

snowtrails: "It was a blistering 72 degrees here in the Northeast kingdom of Vermont yesterday, woke up to 53 this morning and a chill in the air. Nature's AC is working just fine here in New England, and my solar banks are fully charged. I hope we can escape any heat up here this summer. If ya want to cool off, come on up and go camping in our mountains, you won't regret it!!"

Vlahos: "Come to Washington state. It's a blistering 57 here and its raining."

Are you hot, or just getting a good laugh? Share your opinion in the comments area below or share your story via CNN iReport.

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  1. The Pickle Factory

    Yes Philip we know everything that you say on here.

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  2. Esteban de Jesus

    Did not your Jesus himself belittle an entire nation when he identified Israel's religious leaders as "offspring of Satan". And who would dare raise their voice in his wake, but me, and here. Surely, not you. eh? 🙂

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    • Lilith

      Comparing yourself to Jesus? A new low. Look up "Messiah Complex.

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  3. Lilith

    Every person knows a gay person, or is one. Which one are you?

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  4. Lilith

    Well, I am going to go wash my eyes after reading all of this garbage. I cannot believe that a thread talking about the heat has turned into a person who compares himself with Jesus. Somehow, I thinkJesus is offended.

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  5. Esteban de Jesus

    I am not after the educated nor the wise. For your "thinking, rational people" have been tampered with. Yes, for a fact, we spend more on mind altering substances than we do on "National Defense". (we're crazier than we are trigger happy, in other words)
    Get it? The old rules don't necessarilly aplly. There IS something "new under the sun". Pharmaceuticals.

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  6. Lilith

    I also think the offspring of Satan should probably look over what he has written here, print it out, and show it to a qualified therapist. Emphasis on QUALIFIED.

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  7. chrissy

    Ha ha nothing! You belittle everyones ways except your own! Spreading hate is NOT a virtue! Time to realize yov are not perfect and a very long damn way from it! Maybe you hates gays so much are because you are afraid, afraid you may be one!

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  8. The Pickle Factory

    Philip IS gay, bald, and corpulent.

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  9. Lilith

    One has to be pretty stupid to believe anything you have to say. Gullible, lonely, and stupid. Expect the same reaction you are getting right now from the educated, for what you write is ridiculous and worthy of Jules Verne. Complete with gigantic sea monsters. About as believable. Good night, raven.I've wasted enough keystrokes on it.

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  10. Philip

    Come on. Get over me. Get past someone loike me (if any) that warn our gay population of corporate fasism, and how every fascist government dealt with undesireables.
    Don't be fooled by the 'token' behavior demonstrated here and elsewhere. In thier hearts they wish uill-will of you, and don't even know it. Blind, they are.

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    • Lilith

      You would be deemed one of the undesirables, for you are mentally ill.

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  11. The Pickle Factory

    Philip, might we suggest you get some sleep. Sleep deprivation tactics are brutal on obese individuals such as you are.

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  12. Philip

    For the record, I was batting .877 last year on these blogs. (number of comments made vs. number posted)
    This year i'm batting .194 thereabouts. I've responded to every chsllenge, few ever post.

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    • Lilith

      If and when they close this blog down, and they will, because it is not financially feasible to keep a blog running for ONE PERSON, you will have no one to blame but yourself. It won't be because of any fairy tale about the rest of the people who post; it wil BE BECAUSE OF YOU. That is nothing to be proud of. All is shows is that you are an ego-driven narcissist who lives to pretend that what he's writing is "published". That you evem boast of this shows how truly delusional and the depraved indifference you show to other people. Go for it. Go for batting 1000.
      Good night. You have the board to yourself. Bore yourself to death. Have at it.

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  13. chrissy

    & didnt you recently profess 2 be a recovering drug addict? Werent those drugs mind altering? & which was it? Cocaine or c r a c k cocaine? Doesnt exactly make you an authority just because you were a druggie. Just makes you someone to not take seriously

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  14. Philip

    *facepalm*@CNN. gn, everyone.

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  15. Lilith

    Facepslm st CNN for allowing your ravings to continue.
    Good night.

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