July 21st, 2012
05:36 AM ET

Possible 2nd suspect in Bulgaria bus blast, source says

[Updated 7:20 a.m. ET] Bulgarian police have been alerted to the possibility of a second suspect in a bomb attack that killed five Israeli tourists in Burgas, a high-level source within Bulgaria's Interior Ministry told CNN.

Investigators have determined that the bomb was detonated by a man caught on airport security videos about an hour before Wednesday's attack at Burgas International Airport. But they are now looking at the possibility that he had help.

According to the source, investigators have spoken to several eyewitnesses in attempt to identify the bomber.

They describe a man with short hair who spoke English with a "distinct" accent.

This is different from the man seen on the security video who has long hair, however, leading investigators to look into the possibility that a second person may be involved, a source said.

Police in Burgas have been given an identikit photo of the man and told to look out for anyone matching this description.

Earlier, a lower-level source at the Interior Ministry told CNN that police were looking for a second suspect, possibly an American.

That was later corrected by a higher-level source, who said a second suspect was a possibility, but had not been confirmed.

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    Umm what ?

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  2. chrissy

    Good afternoon to you also @ saywhat! Looks like your predictions are comming true! & ty @ bobcat, nothin like your saturday funnies! 😉 & @ banasy, how did i KNOW instead of giving you a much owed apology, that HE would be a bigger RICHARD than before?

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  3. chrissy

    Knock it off Mary! You aint cute and you sure as hell arent funny! Thought you got that out of your system already?

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    not me @ 3:08.

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  5. Fister Rogers

    I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack! Anyone miss me?

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  6. bobcat (in a hat)©

    @ little mister

    No it's not. Where did you ever get that impression ?

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  7. banasy©

    Immodium isn't a prescription, dolt.

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  8. saywhat

    Thanks for providing us relief as always.
    Both you and @banasy voice sentiments of most Americans including Jews who feel that our lopsided, unconditional support for any and all Israeli actions is against US interests and those of the Jews.

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  9. chrissy

    Bye fake BOMBO lol and Mary have fun for a min, its gonna catch up to you. Reading the bible dont save ppl from going to hell, actions do tho, and based on that, youre gonna fry! So enjoy yourself now. 🙂

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    My posts are in blue, exclusively.
    Anyone using my name that appears in black is a hijacker.

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    good afternoon @chrissy
    hope your day goes well.

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    Um, fake bombo, I don't have a computer.
    Stop trying to stir up any more trouble than you already do.

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    What a trolling hijacker believes is of no consequence to me.

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    Please don't.

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    Why do the troll, man?
    Do what you want to do and say under your own.
    Just ignore him@bansy@chrissy.

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    • banasy©

      Sage word, saywhat.
      I will try to take you advice.
      I hope you are having a pleasant weekend.
      I am, for the most part.

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