August 17th, 2012
01:24 AM ET

Official: Soldiers loyal to Yemen's ex-president accused in attack

Dozens of soldiers loyal to Yemen's former president face charges of trying to take over the Ministry of Defense in an attack that left five people dead and 16 wounded, a military official said Thursday.

Sixty-two members of the Republican Guard will stand trial for their alleged roles in Tuesday's assault on the ministry in the capital city of Sanaa, said Gen. Ali al-Obaidi of the High Security Committee.

"Political motives of certain factions in Yemen are behind the attack," he said.

It was the latest attack in recent months by forces loyal Ali Abdullah Saleh, who stepped down in February after protesters took to the streets in mass demonstrations calling for his ouster.


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  1. Kenney

    Good morning everyone,,,,,this is kenney the real kenney / gay kenney,,,,,want to know for sure what is the name of the mountain that i guided leukemia up ? 1st letter please,,,,,, its strange that im working right now this late buthave also been accused of having no life except for blogging along with othres on here at least im doing something worth while and am not waiting for work to find me or taking my frustrations out on all of you good women out there ,,,,,,,well good morning girls

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  2. Kenney

    I wish all this bloodshed woul just cease these people need there lives back and families as well keep fighting for the right never give into the dictators

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  3. shay5ah

    Such as CNN website must Investigate the credibility and be more honestly.!?
    The opposition Yemeni websites transferred the news in a wrong way, where they said that Republican Guard soldiers who went to the Department of Defense are loyal to former President, because they are of the Republican Guard and the son of former President is Commander Republican Guard,
    BUT THEY FORGOT THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT , THAT IS:before this event there were many Presidential decisions from the current president, One of them is withdraw this brigade of the leadership of the commander of the Republican Guard(former President son), and transferred this brigade to the leadership of the south ..

    August 29, 2012 at 11:22 am | Report abuse |