September 13th, 2012
02:12 AM ET

Late night talks fail to get deal in Chicago teachers strike

Chicago's teachers strike hits day four Thursday with no deal between the teacher's union and the school board, and Rev. Jesse Jackson offering to find away to bridge the chasm between the teacher's union and the school board.

But after Wednesday, a day that both sides did not meet until late in the evening, some were not optimistic.

"The sense of urgency within the room does not comply with the sense of urgency in the streets," Jackson told reporters late Wednesday. "They should be meeting around the clock. With each passing day, the pain is compounded."

Though formal negotiations did not start until after 7 p.m. CT and went until after midnight, the parties involved in the negotiations were more optimistic.


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  1. Mary

    Translation? The enablers in masses filling the courtrooms to be judged. Where is the that angle of the story Cnn....I want equal time for those cases.

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  2. Mary


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  3. fin

    The End~

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