Ahead of the curve: The next 7 days
September 16th, 2012
03:04 PM ET

Ahead of the curve: The next 7 days

Here is a look at some of the stories that CNN plans to follow this week:

FBI waiting to visit Benghazi for investigation of consulate attack

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The consequences of last week's attacks that killed four Americans in the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi continue to develop, with the United States pressing an investigation in Libya.

FBI agents are conducting interviews with witnesses outside the country, including people who've been evacuated, while waiting to visit Libya themselves. Agents hoped to arrive on Saturday but reconsidered because of the instability sweeping across Libya and throughout the region, federal law enforcement officials said.

Libyan officials believe the attack was a planned assault that used a protest over a film mocking the Prophet Mohammed as a diversion. Rage over the film across the Muslim world appeared to contribute to a number of protests outside U.S. embassies in the Middle East, North Africa and elsewhere last week. Although tensions remain, protests dwindled over the weekend.

Delayed 'Fast and Furious' hearing might happen this week

The Justice Department's inspector general is scheduled to talk to a House committee on Wednesday about his investigation into a controversial gun-trafficking operation,  a week after his testimony originally was scheduled.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz is expected to testify about Fast and Furious, the ATF program that some U.S. lawmakers have linked to the 2010 death of  U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.

The operation, set up by Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives officials in Arizona, allowed straw purchasers to leave Arizona gun shops with illegally purchased weapons. The operation was designed to track the weapons to Mexican drug  cartels, but the monitoring broke down and nearly 2,000 weapons were lost. Many are believed to have ended up with the cartels.

Two of those weapons were found at the scene of the murder of Terry in Arizona, near the border, in December 2010.

Two senior ATF officials familiar with Horowitz's investigation have said that much of the blame lies with officials in Phoenix who developed the operation and largely kept Washington executives in the dark. Horowitz's testimony before the House panel was delayed last week after the Justice Department said Horowitz's report wasn't ready.

Powerful typhoon takes aim at South Korea, China

South Korea is bracing for a strong typhoon for a second time in a month. Typhoon Sanba, which on Sunday had the same intensity as a Category 3 hurricane, is expected to hit South Korea and perhaps southern mainland Japan on Monday before moving up the Chinese coast.

The storm on Sunday had maximum sustained winds of about 120 mph, according to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center, the U.S. military agency responsible for issuing tropical storm warnings in the Pacific Ocean.

Last month, Typhoon Bolaven killed more than 60 people on the Korean peninsula.

McDonald's makes sure you know what you're ordering

The menu items at McDonald's are going to have a few more numbers next to them than you're used to.

The fast-food chain, starting Monday, will post calorie counts on its in-store and drive-through menus for all items.

While McDonald's will not be the first major restaurant chain to prominently post calorie counts within its restaurants - Panera Bread started doing it in April 2010 - it will be the largest, serving 25 million customers daily. The move comes in advance of a proposed federal regulation that would require chains to share this information, possibly as early as next year. McDonald's has long provided nutritional breakdowns of its standard menu items on its website.

Myanmar's Suu Kyi to get Congressional Gold Medal

Myanmar opposition icon Aung San Suu Kyi, a pro-democracy campaigner who was under house arrest for a total of 15 years before her most recent release in 2010, is due to receive the Congressional Gold Medal on Wednesday. as part of her trip to the United States.

Suu Kyi was elected to Myanmar's parliament earlier this year, a key step for her party and its fight for political reforms in the nation formally known as Burma. For decades, Myanmar was ruled by a repressive military junta, but in recent years, the generals have relaxed their grip on power, permitting Thein Sein's administration to push through a series of changes, including peace talks with rebel groups and the release of hundreds of political prisoners.

The medal is the highest civilian honor given by Congress. She was conferred the Presidential Medal of Freedom - America's highest civilian honor - by U.S. President Bill Clinton while she was being detained.

Expect electronics stores to be busy Friday

Friday is the first day of sales for the iPhone 5. If you're at an Apple store or other electronics stores that day, expect to see a number of people waiting to buy one or collect on their pre-order.

For those of you who ordered through the Apple, Verizon, Sprint and AT&T sites, your order likely won't ship for a couple weeks.

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