September 25th, 2012
07:35 AM ET

Tuesday's live events

President Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney hold their first debate October 3 from the campus of the University of Denver.  Watch Live for all the latest coverage from the election.

Today's programming highlights...

9:00 am ET - UN General Assembly debate begins - It's that time of the year where world leaders, diplomats and dignitaries gather to let a global audience know what they think about pretty much anything and everything.  It's the annual debate of the United Nations General Assembly, and President Obama will address the world body for a fourth time during the 10am ET hour.  Later speakers include the presidents of France and Afghanistan, as well as the Spanish prime minister.

9:00 am ET - Candidates address Clinton Global Initiative - President Obama and GOP rival Mitt Romney will both speak on the final day of the Clinton Global Initiative in New York.  Romney addresses attendees at 9:00 am ET, while Obama does the same during the noon hour.

10:45 am ET - Biden in Virginia - The vice presidential candidates won't be in New York today, but both will be on the campaign trail.  Vice President Biden spends his morning in Chesterfield, Virginia, for a campaign event.

11:30 am ET - Ryan town hall - As for GOP vice presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan, he starts his day in Cincinnati, Ohio, for a town hall-style meeting.  He'll later join Mitt Romney and Sen. Rand Paul for a 3:30 pm ET rally in Vandalia, Ohio.

12:00 pm ET - John King live chat - CNN's John King is back for his weekly chat on all things politics!  Send him your questions via Twitter @JohnKingCNN and he may answer them today! Live is your home for breaking news as it happens.

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