Airlines let travelers change tickets, fee-free, due to Hurricane Sandy
October 26th, 2012
09:45 PM ET

Airlines let travelers change tickets, fee-free, due to Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy is still a threat, not a reality, to many would-be travelers - but not for long.

That's why airlines are offering passengers the opportunity to tweak their travel plans in advance of the storm, which isn't expected to hit the U.S. East Coast in full until late Sunday or early Monday.

United Airlines, for instance, is allowing those ticketed to fly in and out of 26 airports - from Charleston, South Carolina, up to Portland, Maine - between October 28 and 31 to reschedule their flights by November 4 with no change fee.

Other airlines are making similar offers, though with slight variations. American will allow fee-free travel changes for the same dates and affecting 22 airports, the southernmost being in Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina, and the northernmost being Buffalo, New York.

Then there's Delta, which will allow flexibility for those traveling to or from coastal states from South Carolina up through New York, albeit the first travel date affected is Monday (not Sunday, as with the other airlines). U.S. Airways is waiving its change fees involving travel to and from 44 airports from Monday through Wednesday.

JetBlue's offer for the metropolitan New York and Washington areas applies only to October 29 and 30, and requires travelers to rebook by November 1.

In all cases, ticketed travelers are asked to contact the relevant airline to try to make alternative arrangements.

For more on Hurricane Sandy, read our full report.

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  2. goingtograndmas

    Don't let this fool you! This article makes the airlines sound flash...if your trip is roundtrip, the relaxed fee is NOT for the return flight! My original ticket price $400. Change fee for the return flight is an additional $400+....that's horrible. US Air should relax the fee round trip regardless of whether the return flight is within their "relaxed fee" period. If a person originally booked a five day trip, the five day trip should be honored! And comment to "little mister" ...take a hike...since you won't fly anyway.

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  3. Frequent flyer

    DELTA AIRLINES has all cities on East Coast BUT Philadelphia included in the list to change itineraries. Are they geographically challenged????

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    • tvler920

      Delta does have Philadelphia included.

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  4. lerianis

    Great! They should do this more often when serious tropical storms and hurricanes come through

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  5. neverchaneurmind

    they can't help themselves but to hide whatever the big O is doing. If it was Bush, they would be all over it!!! Typical of all the new stations. Will not watch ABC, CBS, NBC or CNN. Its about time WE THE PEOPLE demanded that they cover it and start asking the real questions instead of the soft questions raised at the Letterman show, the VIEW, hello – Barbara Walters – you are just as bad as the rest of them. The John Stewart show, and now MTV. When have you known a president that thinks he is a movie start???? and a wife who thinks she is the Queen of Sheba??? 22 women waiting on Her Highness??? Get over it you all liberals. Its time we start paying these exorbitant expenses for these two immoral people.

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  6. Cpeters

    Watch FOX news tonight Saturday (CH 360 Directv) at 9 pm EST for a live interview with the father of one of the Navy SEALS killed in Libya – what he was told – how he was lied to by the Obama administration.

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      Please take out an ad on TV and newspaper to promote FOX this article is about the storm SANDY not about Libya

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