Ford posts $1.6 billion profit despite big European losses
Ford reported an overall profit of $1.6 billion despite mounting losses in Europe.
October 30th, 2012
08:24 AM ET

Ford posts $1.6 billion profit despite big European losses

Ford Motor reported earnings remained steady from a year ago as strong results at home helped balance out the soaring losses in Europe.

The company lost $468 million in Europe, bringing its losses there so far this year to just over $1 billion. Ford had already warned last week that it stood to lose than $1.5 billion in Europe this year.

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    Ford Motor reported earnings remained steady from a year ago as strong results at home helped balance out the soaring losses in Europe...

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  8. Bye bye US and its Dollar

    How long before ford becomes china runned?

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  10. Ron Scott

    Personally I wouldn't buy a Ford but good for them....not taking Monkeeman's bailout taxpayer dollars was a good decision that seems to be paying off, at least here @ home.

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