Israel returns fire into Syria in warning over spillover violence
On Nov. 7, smoke rose after an explosion in Syria close to the ceasefire line between Israel and Syria.
November 11th, 2012
10:25 AM ET

Israel returns fire into Syria in warning over spillover violence

[Update 10:22 a.m.] Today's firing of warning shots into Syria - in response to apparent spillover violence from the internal conflict in Syria - marks the first time since 1973 that Israel has fired into Syria across the Golan Heights.  After the Yom Kippur War, an international agreement was established between Syria and the Israel, mandated by the United Nations, establishing a demilitarized zone in the region.

Israel's move today came after the fourth time in ten days that the Syrian conflict spilled over into Israel, the Israeli military said.

The complaint Israel filed with the United Nations is the third in the past 10 days.

Syrian tanks entered the Golan Heights demilitarized zone last week and fired into Syria; bullets fired at the tanks in response struck an Israeli military vehicle in part of the Golan Heights that Israel claims as its own. Mortars also fell in part of the Golan that Israel considers its territory.  No one was injured, the Israeli military said.

"“We interpret it as pinpoint leaks into Israel territory," said Avital Leibovich, spokeswoman for the Israeli military.  "It’s totally internal conflict in Syria. We believe that Israel is not the target here. We are looking at either stray bullets or stray mortars."

[Posted 8:05 a.m.] Israel fired warning shots toward Syria today after a mortar shell hit an Israeli military post, the Israel Defense Forces said.

The shell hit an IDF post in the Golan Heights adjacent to the Israel-Syria border, "as part of the internal conflict inside Syria," the IDF said in a statement.  "No damage or injuries have been reported."

Israel has filed a complaint through U.N. forces operating in the area, "stating that fire emanating from Syria into Israel will not be tolerated and shall be responded to with severity," the IDF said.

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  1. The Prophet

    Russia needs a war to come out their economic disaster after the collapse of the communist party, Russia has never recovered, a with the west is perfect, and the meddle east is a perfect catalyst, watch it unfold before your eyes by this December into January.

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  2. The Prophet

    Israel has not destiny in prophecies..

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  3. Steuben Ninger

    The Profit:
    Neither do you.

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  4. ma & pa

    Thinker 8:44am ...there's nothing that gets results against terrorists like using the form of communication that terrorists understand best.

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