December 7th, 2012
04:37 AM ET

McAfee fights return to Belize to face questioning

The next stop for software pioneer John McAfee could be Belize after Guatemalan authorities rejected his bid for asylum.

Authorities there want to talk to him about the November 11 shooting of his neighbor, American businessman Gregory Faull.

Under Belize law, McAfee can be held for 48 hours without charges, police spokesman Raphael Martinez said.

But McAfee's fight to stay in Guatemala is not over.

His attorneys said they filed a request for an injunction with Guatemala's Supreme Court to prevent his extradition.

Standing outside the police hospital as ambulance lights flashed nearby, attorney Karla Paz said officials had unjustly rejected McAfee's petition without weighing the evidence.

"Due process has been violated. The right to defense has not been respected," she said.

McAfee is being held in a Guatemalan immigration detention center while developments swirl.


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  1. ronvan

    From fame to shame. Cannot understand why people who "have it all" can be so stupid!

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  2. chrissy

    Plz dont include in your lil *menagia twa* or your fantasys! And good morning ronvan.

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  3. chrissy

    *menage a trois* i meant

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  4. Sinfully Yours

    Me? I was with all 3. Jealous?

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