Former federal judge Robert Bork dies
Robert Bork in 2005
December 19th, 2012
10:09 AM ET

Former federal judge Robert Bork dies

Conservative judge Robert Bork died early Wednesday at the age of 85 at his home in Virginia, two sources close to his family tell CNN today.

In 1987, President Ronald Reagan nominated Bork as a Supreme Court justice, only to have the nomination fall apart in a contentious confirmation battle after left-leaning groups opposed Bork's conservative judicial philosophies.

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  1. tomfromva

    He was honest about his opinions and he had lots of them. That was his downfall. If he had been like Alito, someone who lied by giving answers that made himself sound more companision and caring about people than he really is, he might have gotten on the court and today the president would have a chance to replace him with a liberal. Of course, that would be filibustered.

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  2. philphil

    Bork complied to Nixon and fired Cox. This doomed his legal career.

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  3. K and K


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  4. soshaljustic

    If what can be said, the man was honest in his answers during his nomination, instead of giving the requisite and nationally politically correct prone albeit dishonest answers if only to appease and acquire the coveted seat on the bench. This man was more forthcoming and judicial in his behaviors than the public often gets out of the many politicians which purportedly serve the interests of THE PEOPLE! Hell, he performed more honestly than John Q public with the PC ways, would do as well! In that regard and as a democrat I say...RIP Judge Bork! Thank You for walking that honest, true to your values and work ethic path where Ideologies are always debatable only when honesty and forthrightness leads the way. Easy to see why he was nominated as the judge he was, for the person he was in practicing principles.
    I would not have agreed with his views, yet he was honest, not a corrupt man! Try to find that today!! When Honesty in this country of ours is a downfall, our country is doomed to corruption and failure! Get rid of PC today, speak your mind and be ready to debate with evidence the old-fashioned way!

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  5. Name*penguin

    Bork may have been true to his principles but so was stalin, musilini,& Marx. His passing is sad for those close to him, but his sense of "justice" will not be missed

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  6. Hide Behindp

    Bork was no more than a political idiologue that was cultivated, and willingly so as he saw the economical advantages of being admitted, by a southern aristocracy of wealthy and powerfull men.
    Men whose profit motives were far more important than any form of democratic senses of justice.
    His career was a financially and socially rewarding one and those who had groomed him should attend his funeral, he rewarded them well.

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  7. nomo-repubs

    Satan welcomed back one of his!

    December 20, 2012 at 12:58 am | Report abuse |
    • Lance Brown

      Real classy nomo.

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  8. Cindy

    My prayers are with the family.

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  9. Your ELder

    Boo hoo the bench (bank) will miss their service.

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  10. Acgogo

    Thank God this right wing idealogue did not make it on the Supreme Court. Unfortuneately we got stuck with Clarence Thomas. Thanks President Bush #1. I hope you are now reflecting on just how stupid a move that was. The harm the two Bush presidents have done will echo on our land for decades to come.

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