Syria didn't use chemical weapons in Homs incident, U.S. concludes
A Syrian demonstrator shouts during an anti-regime protest in Aleppo.
January 16th, 2013
02:49 PM ET

Syria didn't use chemical weapons in Homs incident, U.S. concludes

The Syrian government did not use chemical weapons against residents of Homs in a December attack, a U.S. State Department investigation shows, but did apparently misuse a riot-control gas in the incident, according to senior U.S. officials.

The investigation stemmed from allegations inside Syria about the use of chemical weapons during an attack on the city of Homs on December 23. The officials said the State Department launched a probe from its consulate in Istanbul after doctors and activists reported dozens of victims suffering from nervous system, respiratory and gastrointestinal ailments after inhaling the gas.

You can read more about this investigation here.

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    Congratulations Mr. President. You are the first one to confront the NRA and gun nuts head on. They are indeed the greatest threat to our society, far ahead of any terrorist organizations. Thank you.

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      9-11 was not the biggest tragedy to occur on American soil in modern history?

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      i will not call you stupid,because i dont know you.but...i will say you are an idiot from what you posted.

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