Victims suing BBC, Savile estate in sex abuse case
Jimmy Savile sports his Order of the British Empire medal after his 1972 investiture at Buckingham Palace in London.
February 13th, 2013
07:32 AM ET

Victims suing BBC, Savile estate in sex abuse case

Alleged sexual abuse victims of the late BBC entertainer Jimmy Savile are suing both the British broadcaster and the Savile estate, attorneys for the victims said Wednesday.

Police said in a report that Savile sexually abused hundreds of people and carried out more than 30 rapes.

Police: TV host Jimmy Savile exploited fame to abuse children on vast scale

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  1. Jay jay

    I see that the CNN blogs are getting as much attn as CNN programs themselves. That's what you get for censoring comments. Have a great day

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  2. chrissy

    And i agree also @ Jay jay! Who knew that one day all 3 of us would all agree at the same time and on the same subject eh? Lol

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  3. Scottish Mama

    This guy is scary looking.

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  4. Doris

    This guy looks like Willy Wonka

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  5. chrissy

    Lol @ Doris, now that you mention it he sure does.

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  6. bobcat (in a hat)©

    He also reminds of a lecherous Mad Hatter.

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