March 31st, 2013
05:26 AM ET

Bahrain clears medics of charges in protests

An appeals court in Bahrain has overturned the conviction of 21 medics for their role in anti-government protests two years ago.

Prosecutors had convicted about two dozen medics on misdemeanor charges, saying they had turned the Salmaniya Medical Center in the capital Manama into "a place of illegal gatherings and strikes, in violation of laws" during the protests.


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  1. chrissy

    I had too much pepperoni pizza last night.

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  2. chrissy

    Not me @ 7:36

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  3. chrissy

    That made no sense @ Rascal. Did you start partying early today?

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    • Rascal Rabble kno it...started two sunday mimosa with easter eggs for mie this year...guess i was a bad bunny. anyways, it does make sense: im starting mah spring season with baby curses...ifyah criss cross mah wishing you many many many babies...the barren and the parentaless shall beeeeenoooomore!
      plus ittah be right in line with mah everlastin' pro life stance...

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  4. wut

    If they weren't short of medics, they would have shot them already. First aid, anyone? Have a shot. It'll do you good.

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  5. Rebecca

    Lol so youre going to curse women with eternal birthing? I dont imagine you will be at that project too long. Someone will go right over the edge and retaliate.

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