April 10th, 2013
07:46 AM ET

Wednesday's live events

Watch CNN.com Live for gavel-to-gavel coverage of the trial of Jodi Arias, who's accused of killing her ex-boyfriend in 2008.

Today's programming highlights...

9:30 am ET - UK Parliament remembers Thatcher - Members of Britain's House of Commons convene for a special session to discuss the passing of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

11:00 am ET - Obama discusses budget - Today is the day President Obama unveils his proposed budget for next fiscal year to the country.  The president will discuss the budget in an address from the White House Rose Garden.  At 12:30 pm ET, administration officials will discuss the nuts and bolts of the budget.

11:00 am ET - Senators talk gun control legislation - There has been much work behind the scenes on efforts to draft gun control legislation that Congress and President Obama would approve.  Two senators discuss such efforts this morning.

12:30 pm ET - Jodi Arias murder trial - Trial resumes in Phoenix in the case of Jodi Arias, who's accused of killing her ex-boyfriend in 2008.

3:00 pm ET - Immigration rights rally - Thousands of immigrant rights supporters gather on Capitol Hill to call on Congress to pass immigration legislation this year.

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    Lol @ dazzle, thats been the case all freakin day on this thread particularly. And yet garbage can flnw in abundance.So what kinda garbage would you like to talk about? Lmao

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