America's Cup comeback complete as Oracle Team USA wins deciding race
September 25th, 2013
05:38 PM ET

America's Cup comeback complete as Oracle Team USA wins deciding race

Oracle Team USA successfully defended the America's Cup yachting race Wednesday, completing a seemingly improbable comeback in the series of contests against Emirates Team New Zealand by winning the deciding 19th race.

Oracle Team USA, which once trailed 8-1 in yachting's most prestigious competition, tied the series 8-8 Tuesday in San Francisco Bay to set up likely the most exciting finish in the 162-year history of the event.

On Wednesday, the U.S.-based team won by 44 seconds to claim the title.

Two victories for Oracle Team USA, bankrolled by billionaire Larry Ellison, were scratched off because it was deemed to have illegally tinkered with its boat prior to the finale.

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  1. oliversmith

    Great Race this was.

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  2. rupert

    Yes it was

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