September 30th, 2013
01:41 AM ET

Amanda Knox's retrial begins

he latest chapter in Amanda Knox's long legal battle begins Monday in Florence, Italy, with a retrial over the 2007 killing of her British roommate Meredith Kercher.

But Knox, 26, who has expressed concern about returning to a country where she spent four years behind bars, will not be in the court.

She was convicted in 2009 of murdering Kercher, a 21-year old British exchange student who was found stabbed to death in November 2007 in the villa the two young women rented in the central Italian university town of Perugia.

The convictions of Knox and her ex-boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, were overturned in 2011 for "lack of evidence."

After her acquittal, Knox returned to her hometown of Seattle where she has been living since.

But Italy's Supreme Court decided last year to retry the case, saying the jury that acquitted Knox didn't consider all the evidence, and that discrepancies in testimony needed to be answered.

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  1. Joey Isotta-Fraschini ©™

    Oh, Italia, give it up. Have some Sambuca with a coffee bean in it, watch soccer, and make bella figura. Try to get murder cases right in one (1) trial. Even the Metropolitan Opera doesn't promote your singing technique anymore (all German, and miked).

    October 1, 2013 at 4:35 am | Report abuse |
    • edoo

      check the metropolitan opera's program. a lot of italian productions. only to clarify.

      October 1, 2013 at 10:22 am | Report abuse |
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