December 8th, 2013
06:10 PM ET

Brazil: Police fire tear gas as fierce fighting erupts in football stands

Police fired tear gas as fans of rival teams fought in the stands at a Brazilian football game Sunday.

The fighting erupted during a match in the Joinville Arena in Brazil's Santa Catalina state, interrupting the game and forcing a helicopter to land on the field to take away an injured spectator.

Images from the scene showed people in the stands throwing punches and kicks. One man wielded a metal pipe and swung it toward a fallen fan. Security forces fired tear gas into the crowd.

CNN was first alerted to the fight by tweets from Brazil.

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December 8th, 2013
04:01 AM ET

Couple lure man for thrill killing

It isn't that the 42-year-old man had done anything wrong to infuriate Elytte Barbour and his wife.
The couple – married three weeks - just wanted to kill someone together, police said.
And Troy LaFerrara happened to be the unlucky one.
The Barbours are accused of luring LaFerrara through a sex ad on Craigslist, and stabbing and strangling him to death.
Barbour told police he and his wife had tried to kill others. But the plans didn't work out.
"So," police said, "they continued to try to find someone."

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