Gotta Watch: Animals swim miles offshore
Santa Barbara Harbor Patrol rescued a horse found swimming in the ocean more than two miles offshore on Tuesday.
May 17th, 2012
11:57 AM ET

Gotta Watch: Animals swim miles offshore

A horse, a deer and a dog don’t belong in the water but, in these unusual cases, they were spotted miles from land. The people who helped them had to figure out some tricky logistics to save them. You’ve gotta watch these animal rescues.


Horse in the Pacific

A 7-year-old horse got spooked at a photo shoot in Southern California and ran into the ocean. The Santa Barbara Harbor Patrol spotted it two miles offshore. Watch how they towed it back in.


Deer in Lake Huron

It started out as a normal father and son fishing trip, but it had an unusual ending. They spotted a drowning fawn two miles from shore. See how the ordeal changed the dad’s outlook.


Dog in the Gulf

A kayaker went fishing in the gulf and ended up catching a dog named Barney. Sadly, this mystery has an unhappy ending. Learn why the dog was in the ocean in the first place.

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September 16th, 2011
09:43 PM ET

Man, son save fawn in middle of bay

Dave Falkenburg didn’t catch any fish in Michigan’s Wild Foul Bay on a recent excursion, but he’s happy with what he says he did grab from the water: A 65-pound fawn.

Falkenburg and his 13-year-old son, Justin, say video taken with the boy’s cell phone shows them rescuing the juvenile deer well away from shore on Sunday. They say they found it while driving their motorboat in the water about 45 miles northeast of Saginaw.

“My son thought it was a seagull or something,” Falkenburg told CNN of the moment they saw something bobbing in the water. “And I said no, I think it’s a deer.”

Falkenburg told CNN affiliate WNEM that it appeared the fawn was struggling to survive. The video, which the pair posted to YouTube, shows the boat approaching the water-treading fawn, and then Falkenburg grabbing the animal by the neck with the intention of keeping its head above water.

“We both decided that we needed to act, and needed to act fast,” Falkenburg, of Caseville, told CNN.


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