August 30th, 2013
04:05 AM ET

UK, U.N. and U.S. get jitters over Syria

Going it alone against the Syrian government is not what President Barack Obama wants, U.S. Secretary of State Chuck Hagel said Friday.  But that scenario is looking more and more likely.

A day earlier, the United States' closest ally, Great Britain, backed out of a possible coalition. A U.N. Security Council meeting on Syria ended in deadlock, and in the U.S. Congress, doubts about military intervention are making the rounds.  

Skeptics are invoking Iraq, where the United States government under President George W. Bush marched to war based on a thin claim that former dictator Saddam Hussein was harboring weapons of mass destruction.

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January 8th, 2013
12:36 PM ET

Morgan on fiery Alex Jones interview: ‘Startling,’ ‘deluded’

Social media still is buzzing about last night’s explosive “Piers Morgan Live” interview with radio host Alex Jones. This morning, Morgan says the fiery exchange only helped his case for stricter gun control.

“I can’t think of a better advertisement for gun control than Alex Jones’ interview last night,” Morgan told “CNN Newsroom” late Tuesday morning. “It was startling, it was terrifying in parts, it was completely deluded. It was based on a premise of making Americans so fearful that they all rush out to buy even more guns.

“It showed no compassion whatsoever to the victims of gun shootings, and the kind of twisted way that he turned everything into this assault on the Second Amendment is exactly what the gun rights lobby people do. And it’s a lie. It cannot be allowed to continue.”

Jones, on Morgan’s show to talk about petition he started to deport Morgan back to the UK for expressing his views on gun control, warned that "1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms." As of noon Tuesday, "Alex Jones" was trending on Twitter.

Read more about Jones' appearance on Morgan's show.

August 15th, 2012
12:42 AM ET

CNN Prime Time: Paul Ryan's first interview; police show how man shot himself


VP Pick Paul Ryan gives first TV interview

Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan gives his first one-on-one interview since becoming the nominee.


Police reenact mysterious death

Police say Chavis Carter shot himself in the head when he was handcuffed in the back of a police car. They demonstrate how it may have happened.


Hope Solo: I have a bad rep

Olympian and U.S. soccer champ Hope Solo talks to Piers Morgan about her reputation in the media.

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August 8th, 2012
12:32 AM ET

CNN Prime Time: Ex-stepmom talks about Wisconsin temple shooter; Loughner pleads guilty to Tucson shooting


Ex-Stepmom: Suspected shooter 'kind'

The former stepmother of the Wisconsin temple shooter talks to CNN’s Anderson Cooper about Wade Michael Page's life as a child, before he joined the military.


Loughner's mom cries as charges read

Kyung Lah shares what she saw in the courtroom when Jared Lee Loughner pleaded guilty to the mass shooting outside a Tucson, Arizona, supermarket.


Shark attack victim: ‘I was caught in a vice’

Piers Morgan talks to a man who survived an encounter with a great white shark off Cape Cod.

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Gotta Watch: Things 'The Donald' says
'The Donald' doing what he does best
December 8th, 2011
11:43 AM ET

Gotta Watch: Things 'The Donald' says

Donald Trump is a man of many titles. Reality TV mogul, business tycoon, potential political power broker.  You name it, the man has his hands in just about everything. And he seem to have an opinion on just about everything too. For today's Gotta Watch, we bring you more of the outlandish things "The Donald" loves to say. Have you ever listened to this guy? One might think the man just loves to hear himself talk.


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Gotta Watch: Rick Santorum
Rick Santorum talks about his stance on gay marriage.
September 1st, 2011
01:06 PM ET

Gotta Watch: Rick Santorum

He's the GOP presidential hopeful trying to make headway in field that's been dominated with talk of Mitt Romney and Rick Perry. This week, Rick Santorum is making headlines for slamming CNN's Piers Morgan for calling him a bigot. Get to know this Republican and check out the feisty response he gave to Penn State students here.

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Gotta Watch: Sex tape rewinds
Kathy Hiltion gets teary-eyed hearing her daughter Paris talk about a leaked sex tape.
June 1st, 2011
12:09 PM ET

Gotta Watch: Sex tape rewinds

Ashamed, embarrassed, betrayed. These are words you'll most certainly hear when celebrities look back on those pesky sex tapes that accidentally got leaked. But you won't hear them complaining about the ticket to fame that came along with it.

Paris who? – By now, you've probably heard about Paris Hilton's leaked sex tape. In fact, that's probably how you knew who she was in the first place. Here, she tells CNN's Piers Morgan how she regrets the sex tape she made. What's most notable in the interview is the teary reaction from her mom that will make you want to wiggle right out of your chair.

[cnn-video url=""%5D


Gotta Watch: Puppets and dummies in the limelight
Terry Fator and Walter talk to CNN's Piers Morgan.
May 31st, 2011
11:20 AM ET

Gotta Watch: Puppets and dummies in the limelight

The list of successful ventriloquists is pretty short. It might be because they are just so darned creepy. One thing is clear, it takes some serious talent to laugh at your own joke made via a puppet.

Singer, comedian, ventriloquist – Terry Fator has not only mastered the art of ventriloquism, but has managed to fuse it with his ability to sing. Here, Piers Morgan talks to the 2007 "America's Got Talent" winner about his success as a singing ventriloquist.


Gotta Watch: Sheen's winning ways
April 4th, 2011
11:14 AM ET

Gotta Watch: Sheen's winning ways

He became a Twitter phenom overnight and added the phrases "tiger blood" and "winning" to the cultural lexicon. But the recent obsession with all-things Charlie Sheen couldn't save him from terrible reviews for his stage tour debut. Today's Gotta Watch focuses on how this A-list actor has reinvented himself into an internet sensation thanks to his rants and odd behavior. Watch the recent evolution of Charlie Sheen.

Sheen's losing debut – File this under #notwinning. Detroit fans booed and heckled Charlie Sheen during the opening of his "Violent Torpedo of Truth" tour. Even his "tiger blood" couldn't save Sheen from the critical audience. Was it the crack jokes about the Motor City or the circus-like atmosphere that got fans upset? Now you can judge for yourself.

[cnn-video url=""%5D


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On the Radar: Elizabeth Taylor, Libya criticism, Japan disaster, MJ doctor's trial
Fans have left flowers and other tributes on Elizabeth Taylor's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
March 24th, 2011
08:27 AM ET

On the Radar: Elizabeth Taylor, Libya criticism, Japan disaster, MJ doctor's trial

Elizabeth Taylor tributes - Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor, who died Wednesday, is remembered not only for her beauty and her acting career, but also for her early AIDS activism and her sometimes overlooked time as a glamorous political wife in Washington. Recently retired CNN interviewer Larry King called his friend Taylor "a helluva woman."

Obama returns home to criticism over Libya - President Barack Obama is back in the White House after his five-day trip to Latin America. Waiting for him on his return was a letter from House Speaker John Boehner that criticizes the administration's handling of the situation in Libya. "Military resources were committed to war without clearly defining for the American people, the Congress, and our troops what the mission in Libya is and what America's role is in achieving that mission," Boehner wrote. Other conservatives also criticized the conduct of the attacks, as did liberals in Congress: "We will fight in Congress to ensure the United States does not become embroiled in yet another destabilizing military quagmire in Libya with no clear exit plan or diplomatic strategy for peace," a group of them said.

Japan disaster - The level of radioactive iodine in Tokyo's water has dropped significantly, the city says, and Japan's top OB/GYN group says it's OK for pregnant and nursing women to drink it. However, Russia, Hong Kong, the United States and others are restricting Japanese food imports. Meanwhile, damage-control work has resumed at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, where black smoke had forced workers out on Wednesday.

Conrad Murray prosecution - Jury selection is scheduled to begin Thursday in the manslaughter trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, the physician accused of giving the late pop singer Michael Jackson a fatal dose of anesthesia. Hundreds of potential jurors will be screened in Los Angeles County Superior Court. They will be given extended questionnaires about their knowledge of the case and other issues. The trial is slated to begin May 9.

Space shuttle Endeavour - The crew of the space shuttle Endeavour is scheduled to hold a news conference Thursday in Houston ahead of next month's final mission for the spacecraft. Mark Kelly, husband of wounded U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, will command the mission, set for launch April 19 from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. This will be the 36th shuttle mission to the international space station and the final mission for Endeavour, as the shuttle program ends this year.

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On the Radar: Day 15 of Libyan protests, Sheen on CNN, Florida wildfires
Libyan anti-Gadhafi protesters wave their old national flag on an abandoned tank in Benghazi on Monday.
March 1st, 2011
11:07 AM ET

On the Radar: Day 15 of Libyan protests, Sheen on CNN, Florida wildfires

Libya - Susan Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, is calling Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi "delusional." Her remark followed Gadhafi's ABC interview in which he insisted that there are no protests in Libya and that citizens "love" him. It is actually day 15 of massive protests in the chaotic country. Thousands are demanding Gadhafi's ouster, as the world wonders what would happen if he did step down. Enigmatic and eccentric, he has ruled Libya for more than 40 years. As night fell Monday, forces loyal to him tried to retake the town of Zawiya with tanks and anti-aircraft guns, an opposition leader said Tuesday. The town, which is a short drive from Tripoli, the capital, seemed to be in control of those who oppose Gadhafi, so the pro-Gadhafi crowd was stopped, the opposition leader said. CNN journalists are on the ground in Libya and across the Middle East and North Africa to bring you background on the crisis in Libya. Other countries across the region have seen unprecedented protests calling for changes in government to reflect a more democratic models. CNN's Fareed Zakaria breaks down the history that led to the uprisings, and he urges the U.S. to recognize Libya's new provisional government led by anti-Gadhafi forces. What are the U.S.'s options for Libya? The Obama administration has said nothing is off the table.

Charlie Sheen - Charlie Sheen continued his nonsensical ranting Monday on CNN's "Piers Morgan Tonight." He said that he has results of a test that showed him to be drug free. "I'm super-bitchin' [and] I don't believe myself to be an addict," Sheen declared. His recent rants, speculated to be some kind of drug-addled meltdown, have been major headlines since reports of a high-profile night of debauchery with prostitutes that ended when he was rushed to a hospital for severe pain. In the past few weeks, Sheen has repeatedly texted journalists and given interviews to a radio show during which he has insulted his former bosses at his hugely popular sitcom "Two and a Half Men." The show was canceled. When Morgan asked Sheen if he felt any responsibility to act as a role model because the sitcom was a family-oriented comedy, Sheen replied that he thought the show's content was  "juvenile or gross." Sheen also said Sean Penn and Mel Gibson had reached out to him to offer advice, and denied that he is violent toward women. Sheen remarked, "I'm still alive, which is pretty cool." Time magazine wonders today if Sheen is bipolar.

Florida wildfires - Firefighters are having a tough time getting a big wildfire under control in central Florida. About 20 miles of Interstate 95 are closed. Officials say the blaze has burned about 10,000 acres. Heavy winds and dry conditions are fueling the flames.

Union protests - Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker warns of dire consequences, including layoffs of state workers, if Democratic state senators don't return to the legislature in Madison to vote on the budget. The budget plan the governor will unveil Tuesday has led to protests by throngs of public employees who are enraged that lawmakers would consider ending their right to collective bargaining. Polls indicate there is growing support for Wisconsin's public workers. Protests about similar union issues are heating up in Indiana and Ohio. Background on those protests can be found here.

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Giuliani to Piers Morgan: Tea Party’s good, but a couple people in it are 'a little crazy'
Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani talks to CNN's Piers Morgan.
January 24th, 2011
03:01 PM ET

Giuliani to Piers Morgan: Tea Party’s good, but a couple people in it are 'a little crazy'

Rudy Giuliani, the former New York mayor and 2008 Republican presidential candidate, talked Tea Party, taxes and the best (and worst) day of his life in a lively interview with CNN's Piers Morgan that airs at 9 ET Monday night.

Overall, the Tea Party is a "good" movement, Giuliani said, but it has also attracted "a couple of people that are a little crazy ... "

When he first launched his bid for the White House several years ago, he recalled that "there was a big anti-war movement in this country against the Iraq War, people hanging President Bush in effigy, people saying President Bush should be killed."

"Well, those people weren't the core of that movement," he said.

"The core of that movement legitimately opposed the war in Iraq. I didn't agree with them, but they had every right to do it. They were very emotional. They're very angry. But they were respectable people who opposed it, with some extremists who made them look bad. The Tea Party, the same thing - respectable people. They have a legitimate political point. A couple of people that are a little crazy who take it to an extreme."

Will the Tea Party help or hurt the GOP's odds of taking the White House in 2012?

" ... If they keep us on a strict focus on economic issues, they'll help us a lot. If they take us off on other issues, then you just - you just don't know, they could hurt us," Giuliani said.

Morgan also asked if the ex-mayor would raise taxes if he were president. Giuliani said he would not. He answered that he would rather cut expenses, and he compared what he did in his time as mayor to what he would do in the Oval Office.

"When I became mayor of New York City, I had a $2.4 billion deficit and everybody wanted me to raise taxes. I said if I raise taxes, I'll drive people out of New York City and then I'll be raising taxes again. So what I did was I cut expenses by 15 percent. I cut everything but the police department, because I had too much crime. I cut schools. It was very unpopular. I mean, I cut every single thing - things that I thought were good and things that I thought were bad." He said federal spending must be cut "to the level of realistic federal revenues."

Morgan asked Giuliani to describe his best day.

Giuliani talked about September 11, 2001.

"I don't think I ever saw more heroism, more, just, tremendous outpouring of love, people to people," he said. "And when I say 'day,' I mean period of time. You know, you showed a picture of Hillary Clinton and me there. You know, people couldn't imagine. I imagine that Hillary Clinton - and particularly at that point - and me could work together," he said. "And we worked together very, very, very closely."

For a moment in time, Giuliani said, "there were no Republicans, no Democrats, just - just trying to help people. ... In a way, it was the worst and the best - and the best day, largely because of the way the people - the people reacted."

In a lighter moment after the interview with Morgan, the New Yorker predicted how the Yankees will do in 2011.

Some video highlights from the interview:

Giuliani doubts Palin could beat Obama

Giuliani impersonates Marlon Brando

George Clooney says he contracted malaria in Sudan
During an interview with Piers Morgan, George Clooney said he contracted malaria in Sudan.
January 20th, 2011
02:57 PM ET

George Clooney says he contracted malaria in Sudan

George Clooney contracted malaria while he was in Sudan during the recent election there, he told Piers Morgan during an interview scheduled to air Friday.

Clooney was in Sudan doing humanitarian work and watching elections on a historic referendum on independence for Southern Sudan.

"The truth of the matter is we are hoping it is one of many tools to continue to apply pressure, at the very least, to gather evidence that could be used at The Hague later if there are - if there are infringements or rules broken ... if anyone crosses across the border north or south," Clooney told Morgan.

It was during this recent work in Sudan that he contracted malaria. Malaria, which is spread by the bites of infected mosquitoes, can cause chills, flu-like symptoms, fever, vomiting, diarrhea and jaundice. It kills about 1 million people a year and is mostly limited to developing countries. Malaria has been nearly wiped out in the United States.

"I guess the mosquito in Juba looked at me and thought I was the bar," Clooney quipped.

While discussing the matter in a fairly jovial manner, Clooney said it was the second time he had gotten malaria.

"You don't think President Bashir has - has detached a detail of sickly, vengeful mosquitoes to target you whenever you arrive?" Morgan joked.

"Yeah," Clooney responded. "I think so."

Morgan broke the news in a tweet.

A few minutes later Morgan joked in another tweet abut Clooney's condition.

"Clooney malaria update: now have 24,563 offers to nurse him. But his rep says medication's worked and he's OK. Sorry, ladies," Morgan tweeted.

Piers Morgan's full interview with George Clooney and his father, Nick, will air Friday on CNN at 9 p.m. ET.

Clooney: 'Real excitement' for peace in Sudan

Video: Enough project aims to ease Sudan woes

Video: Clooney monitoring situation in Sudan

Gotta Watch – Suicide bomb; Helen Thomas; Howard Stern; 'Conan' redux
At least 60 people were killed when a suicide bomber struck in Tikrit on Tuesday.
January 18th, 2011
10:46 AM ET

Gotta Watch – Suicide bomb; Helen Thomas; Howard Stern; 'Conan' redux

After a suicide bomb - The video is graphic but shows something we rarely see: how a hospital scrambles to care for victims of suicide bombers in Iraq. It happened today in Tikrit. At least 60 people were killed when a bomber struck a police recruitment center in Tikrit.

[cnn-video url=""%5D


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