March 4th, 2013
10:20 AM ET

Queen Elizabeth released from hospital

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II was discharged Monday from a London hospital, where she was treated for symptoms of gastroenteritis.

The 86-year-old monarch had been taken to King Edward VII's Hospital on Sunday morning "as a precautionary measure," a Buckingham Palace spokesman said, speaking with customary anonymity.

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March 3rd, 2013
10:58 AM ET

Queen Elizabeth hospitalized

Queen Elizabeth II has been hospitalized after experiencing symptoms of gastroenteritis, according to a statement from Buckingham Palace Sunday.

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March 1st, 2013
03:44 PM ET

Queen Elizabeth II ill, cancels trip to Wales

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II has canceled a planned trip to Wales because she is experiencing symptoms of gastroenteritis, a Buckingham Palace spokeswoman said Friday.

The queen, who had been scheduled to visit Wales on Saturday, will now spend the weekend at Windsor as usual, the spokeswoman added.

The spokeswoman said the queen's health will be assessed in the coming days.

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Radio DJs pretend to be queen, make prank call to Kate's hospital
The King Edward VII Private Hospital on December 4, 2012 in London, England.
December 5th, 2012
07:59 AM ET

Radio DJs pretend to be queen, make prank call to Kate's hospital

Two Australian radio DJs made a prank call to the hospital where Prince William's pregnant wife, Catherine, is staying with acute morning sickness, claiming to be Queen Elizabeth II and her son, Prince Charles.

The DJs, from Sydney's 2Day FM station, succeeded in getting through to Kate's private nurse at King Edward VII Hospital and had a brief conversation that included some details of her condition, according to audio of the call posted online.

The hospital issued a statement Wednesday confirming that the hoax call had been transferred to a ward in the early hours of Tuesday morning and a short conversation was held with one of the nursing staff.

The hospital "deeply regrets" the incident, it said.

Queen makes history with ex-IRA leader handshake
Britain's Queen Elizabeth II shakes hands Wednesday with former IRA commander Martin McGuinness.
June 27th, 2012
09:35 AM ET

Queen makes history with ex-IRA leader handshake

BELFAST, Northern Ireland (CNN) - Britain's Queen Elizabeth II shook hands Wednesday with former IRA commander Martin McGuinness in a historic gesture marking a giant step forward in the peace process around British rule of Northern Ireland.

The handshake comes 14 years after the end of a conflict that claimed about 3,500 lives, including that of the queen's cousin Lord Louis Mountbatten in an IRA bombing.

McGuinness spoke to the queen in Irish as they clasped hands and made eye contact for several seconds in the ground-breaking event.

"Goodbye and godspeed," McGuinness then said, translating his comment for the queen. She smiled throughout the encounter but did not speak.


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Overheard on Monarchy debate reigns in commenting kingdom
iReporter Chaleen Botha says her daughter got to meet Queen Elizabeth II in Brisbane, Australia, in 2011.
June 4th, 2012
07:15 PM ET

Overheard on Monarchy debate reigns in commenting kingdom

Editor's note: This post is part of the Overheard on series, a regular feature that examines interesting comments and thought-provoking conversations posted by the community.

The Revolutionary War is now a thing of history books, but conversation about the value of monarchies - constitutional or otherwise - in modern society is still very much alive. Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee has encouraged further discussion about the real meaning of royalty. Where do you stand?

Buckingham Palace rocks in queen's honor

We noticed that two commenters claiming to be British debated Americans' attitudes toward the monarchy. Are queens and kings and princes and princesses still relevant, or should they be relegated to history and fairy tales?

UKsideofpond: "I am totally flabbergasted by the total ignorance, respect and appreciation of other countries customs, etc. There are 44 monarchies around the world, some of which are 'absolute' and some of which are 'constitutional'. I can't believe that some Americans believe that Britain is ruled by the Queen! Do these people take time to have a look at countries outside of their own? I doubt it. Do they believe that we are living in medieval times? I think some of them believe we do. Fortunately, I'm big enough and ugly enough to realize that the majority of comments here are from a minority of Americans whose live revolves around the X Box and whom many have never been out of their own state. Thank heaven for the normal, intelligent American that I have come to know and like."

soaprano: "Wake-up call from this contributor. I am English born and bred and live in England. The fact that the royals are rubber stamps does not in anyway change the reality of the facts of what they really are, pampered, kept parasites of no value or use whatsoever to the nation ... tourism do I hear you bleat? So the thinking person is to accept that Shakespeare, the Brontes, Dickens, The Beatles, Stonehenge, etc., are all sideshows and looking at Buckingham Palace is what makes the majority of tourists spend money coming to Britain? What an insult to all the artists and musicians and history of Britain that anyone in any great numbers should believe looking at inbred parasites is the primary reason for flying across the world to Britain.

Of course, many of our readers are quite fond of the royals.

Moira Little: "Just watched the Diamond Jubilee concert for Queen Elizabeth. What a fantastic show for an amazing woman, 86 years old and still working for her subjects. I live in Philadelphia but am on vacation in the UK at the moment and am glad I am here to witness such a fantastic show of respect for her work over the last 60 years. Love that I am still British."

angrycandy: "This USA'er sees the value of intermediaries such as the Queen of England whose role actively encourages nationalistic celebrations. The USA, on the other hand, trots out the same old religious dogma and expects its citizens to partake of a meagerness that somehow defies mold."

But many are quite baffled. Where do you stand? FULL POST

Britain's Prince Philip hospitalized
Prince Charles, left, Prince Philip, Prince William and Prince Harry talk during the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant on Sunday.
June 4th, 2012
12:13 PM ET

Britain's Prince Philip hospitalized

Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh and the husband of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, has been hospitalized with a bladder infection, Buckingham Palace said Monday.

He will remain hospitalized for observation for a few days, according to a palace statement.

The prince will miss Monday night's concert as part of the queen's Diamond Jubilee as well as events related to the celebration on Tuesday, the palace said.

June 1st, 2012
11:59 AM ET

Celebrating the Diamond Jubilee in the U.S.?

Across the United Kingdom this weekend, revelry will be in full swing for the Diamond Jubilee, celebrating Queen Elizabeth II's 60 years on the throne.

From big events like the Diamond Jubilee Concert, featuring Sir Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder and Sir Elton John, to communities across the nation sharing lunches or picnics with their neighbors for the Big Jubilee Lunch, festivities will run from Saturday to Tuesday.

CNN's Piers Morgan and Brooke Baldwin and CNN International will have live coverage of the main events.

If you're going, we'd love for you to share your experience with us on iReport! Several folks have already shared their stories and photos with us, from working for Queen Elizabeth to meeting her at age 9.

But if you're not able to attend this most royal shindig because you're an expat, we'd like to know what you're doing for the big weekend. Perhaps you're gathering with fellow expats in your community to watch the festivities or enjoy a taste of home. Maybe a pick-up game of rugby or football is in order.

What makes you think of home, and how are you celebrating the Diamond Jubilee? What are some of the traditions you've brought along with you? And why does the Diamond Jubilee matter to you?

Share with us in the comments below. Cheers!

See all of our coverage of the Diamond Jubilee on

Prince William: Diana would have loved Catherine
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge chat with Prince Harry before a luncheon as part of Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee.
May 30th, 2012
01:25 PM ET

Prince William: Diana would have loved Catherine

Prince William knows there's a lot of speculation about when he'll be adding a new member to the royal family, and he made it clear he's excited for the day it happens.

But William, the Duke of Cambridge, said in an interview with Katie Couric on ABC that he still hasn't gotten used to all the media attention devoted to tracking his plans for a family with his wife, Catherine.

"It is quite strange reading about it, but I try not to let it bother me,” he said. “I’m just very keen to have a family, and both Catherine and I, you know, are looking forward to having a family in the future.”

So did he have any news on that front to share?

“You won’t get anything out of me. Tight-lipped,” William quipped.

Check out CNN's Diamond Jubilee coverage

The interview was part of ABC's coverage of Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee. In the interview, William and his brother, Prince Harry, spoke frankly about last year's royal wedding, their relationship with their grandmother and how they miss their mother, Princess Diana.

ABC: Watch "The Jubilee Queen" special

The Duke of Cambridge said he was nervous before the wedding but also extremely excited to make Catherine a permanent part of his life. Harry cracked jokes with him before the ceremony to try to ease his nerves.

"Honestly, it was one of those days where you feel very elated. Also completely terrified," William said. "I have to be honest, the prospect of the billions of people watching was quite daunting."

William said he particularly missed his mother as he said his vows to Catherine at Westminster Abbey, where Diana's funeral had taken place nearly 15 years earlier.

"It was very difficult. I sort of prepared myself beforehand so that I was sort of mentally prepared. ... I didn't want any wobbly lips or anything going on," he said. "It's the one time since she's died, where I've thought to myself it would be fantastic if she was here, and just how sad really for her, more than anything, not being able to see it because I think she would have loved the day, and I think, hopefully, she'd be very proud of us both for the day. I'm just very sad that she's never going to get a chance to meet Kate."


Queen Elizabeth II gets 23rd wax figure
The new Queen Elizabeth II figure, with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Philip, is at Madame Tussauds in London.
May 15th, 2012
02:09 PM ET

Queen Elizabeth II gets 23rd wax figure

Anyone wanting to wish Queen Elizabeth II a happy Diamond Jubilee can do so in person, at least to the newest wax model of the British monarch at Madame Tussauds in London.

The 23rd and latest lifelike model of the queen - Madame Tussauds has made more wax figures of her than of anyone else, by far - was released to honor her 60th year on the throne. Replicating the official jubilee portrait photograph, the figure wears a re-created white and silver lace dress covered in 53,000 Swarovski crystals and a blue silk sash.

"Our guests come from all over the world, and she is the most photographed wax figure. She is the person that people come and see," Madame Tussauds spokeswoman Liz Edwards told Reuters.


March 26th, 2012
08:46 PM ET

Gotta Watch: Queen Elizabeth surprises

Queen Elizabeth II: a woman of mystery? A couple in England may be pinching themselves after the queen surprised them at their wedding. You gotta watch how the palace's secret plan unfolded. Queen Elizabeth II and First lady Michelle Obama also shocked Royal watchers back in 2009 when the women briefly embraced at Buckingham Palace.  See how the British media called it everything from a breach of protocol to an extraordinary show of affection. And finally, see how a meeting between the always unpredictable Lady Gaga and the queen played out in front of cameras.


Queen drops in on wedding

The Queen of England unexpectedly drops in on a wedding at Manchester Town Hall.


First lady's surprising hug

Charles Mosley talks about the significance of Michelle Obama putting her arm around Queen Elizabeth II.


Gaga meets queen

The queen greets Lady Gaga and neither gags nor goes gaga over her latex outfit. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports.

January 3rd, 2012
08:47 AM ET

Murder probe after body found on queen's estate

Police launched a murder investigation Tuesday after a woman's body was found on Queen Elizabeth II's estate in Sandringham, in the English county of Norfolk.

Officers were alerted Sunday by a member of the public who found the remains while walking in the woods by the village of Anmer, near the town of King's Lynn, Norfolk police said.

Police said the area had been sealed off while forensic investigations are carried out. An autopsy will be conducted later Tuesday.

The cause of death is not yet known. Police did not say how long the remains might have been on the estate but said they would be looking at cold cases as part of the probe.

Sandringham House, at the heart of the 20,000-acre rural estate, is where the royal family traditionally gathers to celebrate Christmas.

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December 23rd, 2011
04:08 PM ET

Britain's Prince Philip taken to a hospital

Britain's Prince Philip was taken to a hospital on Friday for "precautionary tests" after complaining of chest pains, a Buckingham Palace spokeswoman said.

He was taken from Sandringham to the cardiothoracic unit at Papworth Hospital in Cambridge, she said. The royal family traditionally spends Christmas on the Sandringham Estate.

Philip, the husband of Britain's Queen Elizabeth, is also known as the Duke of Edinburgh. He turned 90 in June.

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Soldier cited for holding off up to 30 Taliban by himself
Acting Sgt. Dipprasad Pun of the Royal Gurkha Rifles displays his Conspicuous Gallantry Cross.
June 2nd, 2011
09:03 AM ET

Soldier cited for holding off up to 30 Taliban by himself

Britain's newest hero is a Nepali.

Queen Elizabeth II on Wednesday awarded Britain's second-highest award for bravery, the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross, to Acting Sgt. Dipprasad Pun of the Royal Gurkha Rifles.

While stationed as a lone sentry at a checkpoint in Afghanistan's Helmand province on September 17, Pun fended off an attack by up to 30 Taliban fighters.

"There were many Taliban around me," Pun said in an interview with British Forces News. "I thought they are definitely going to kill me. ... I thought before they kill me I have to kill some of them."

During the 15-minute battle, Pun fired more than 400 rounds of ammunition, detonated 17 grenades and a mine and even threw his gun tripod at a Taliban fighter climbing toward his position, according to British Forces News.

"He was just about to climb up there and I hit (him) with my tripod and he fell down again," Pun told British Forces News.

Pun's actions saved the lives of three fellow soldiers at the checkpoint and were the "bravest seen in his battalion over two hard tours in Afghanistan," according to his medal citation.

Pun was not wounded in the firefight.

“That he survived unscathed is simply incredible," his medal citation says. “Throughout Dip’s actions he was under almost constant intense fire. Dip’s courage and gallantry were simply astonishing."

Pun, 31, joined the British military in 2000 and also has served in Bosnia and Kosovo.

Like other Gurkhas, Pun is from Nepal. The Gurkhas were incorporated into British forces after their fighting skill impressed the opposition British during the Nepal Wars of 1814 to 1816. As part of the peace treaty ending that conflict, Gurkhas were admitted into East India Company's army and then into the British military.

Gurkhas recruited solely in Nepal remain Nepalese citizens during their service. Gurkha unit officers are British.

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Gotta Watch: The big day!
April 29th, 2011
12:11 PM ET

Gotta Watch: The big day!

Months of planning, media hype and plenty of speculation about the dress are over. Prince William and Catherine Middleton tied the knot at a beautiful ceremony in Westminster Abbey. If you didn't get a chance to watch the wedding, here's your front row seat to some of our favorite moments.

William's first glimpse of Kate - It's arguably the most exciting part of the wedding, where the groom sees his bride for the first time on their big day.  Just take a look at Prince William's face when Catherine approaches. He looks so in love.


Gotta Watch: Royal wedding revue
Savile Row in cenral London is famous for traditional bespoke tailors.
April 22nd, 2011
12:33 PM ET

Gotta Watch: Royal wedding revue

From wedding pizzas to a "Royal Virility Brew," final preparations are continuing for the Royal Wedding.  In one week, history will be made in Britain's first royal hoopla in decades.  Whether you're a Brit or not, you'll love today's Gotta Watch blog, where we'll bring you some fun factoids about the wedding.

Prince William to be suited up on Savile Row - Savile Row is a London street known for its men's tailor shops.  Fashion designer and bespoke tailor Ozwald Boateng takes CNN down Savile Row and discusses what Prince William will be wearing on his big day.

[cnn-video url=""%5D


Friday's intriguing people
December 31st, 2010
10:26 AM ET

Friday's intriguing people

Annie Lennox (pictured)

Singer Annie Lennox received an Order of the British Empire honor from Queen Elizabeth II for her charitable work.

Lennox was honored for her work fighting AIDS and poverty in Africa. She is one of 997 people named to the queen's annual New Year Honors List.

"As somewhat of a renegade, it either means I've done something terribly right or they've done something terribly wrong," Lennox quipped, according to the Scottish publication The Courier. (Lennox was born in Scotland and still lives there.)

Lennox has had numerous hit songs over the years with the Eurythmics and as a solo artist. Among them: "Sweet Dreams (are Made of This)," "Here Comes the Rain Again" and "Walking on Broken Glass." Her 2010 Christmas album has sold more than 1 million copies.


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It's a girl: Queen Elizabeth announces first great-grandchild
December 30th, 2010
05:13 PM ET

It's a girl: Queen Elizabeth announces first great-grandchild

The British monarchy has welcomed a royal bundle of joy, Buckingham Palace said in a press release Thursday.

Autumn Phillips, wife of Peter Phillips, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, gave birth to a girl on Wednesday at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, according to the statement.

The baby, whose name will be announced at a later date, is the queen's first great-grandchild. She weighed 8 pounds, 8 ounces.

Peter Phillips, the baby's father, was present at the birth, the palace said.

Phillips, 33, is the son of Princess Anne, the second child and only daughter of the queen. He married the Canadian-born Autumn Kelly in May 2008.

Peter and his younger sister have no royal titles and perform no royal duties. They are the cousins of Princes William and Harry, the second and third in line to the throne, respectively.

The new baby is 12th in line to the throne.

Queen's granddaughter engaged to marry
December 21st, 2010
06:50 AM ET

Queen's granddaughter engaged to marry

Zara Phillips, daughter of Britain's Princess Anne and Capt. Mark Phillips and granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, announced her engagement Tuesday to English rugby star Mike Tindall.

Read more about the royal couple
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November 17th, 2010
11:23 AM ET

Gotta Watch: Bad prison flicks, 'Poacher X,' 1st royal wedding

Inmates subjected to bad movies - Do inmates have a right to television in jail? Debatable. However, a federal judge is reviewing a case filed by inmate James Poulin who says he has a right to media. Poulin claims he and other inmates are subjected to the same movies over and over instead of basic programming. Sounds like a case of torture, but then again, if President George W. Bush is still defending waterboarding ...


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